Saturday, August 28, 2010

18.. okay now 19 months old.

Thank you everyone who sent me such supportive and encouraging comments/emails on/about my last entry.
I haven't been able to respond back much because, well I don't get on the computer too often, and anyway my email account is apparently sending out spam and is contaminated with something.

I don't know if that's just my email or my computer.



I wanted to update my blog for my scrapbooking purposes.

I'm way behind now on my scrapbooking, but for sake of journaling and memory sakes I refer to my blog often for dates and memories to scrapbook.

Therefore, I have to blog about my daughter's 1 1/2 birthday.

That was August 5th.
Ideally her 18 month birthday should have been separated with a toy and some sugary treat, along with a bunch of pictures and some fine family time.
but I spent that day in the good ol' hospital being coaxed to drink chicken broth and eat jello.

I got no pictures
and Squiggy got no cake or toy.

That's not true.
Philip came home from work that day and brought her to Chick-filet.
I do believe there was a cow toy in her kids meal.

18 month toy=success.

Wanna hear how much of a genius my kid is?
Sure ya don't, but you know I'm gonna tell you aaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllll about it! :)

At the ripe age of 18 months old my little girl:
-wears an 18-24 month size.
-fits a size 6 shoe.
-has enough strawberry blonde hair to put in two little pony tails
-knows her entire alphabet and the pronunciation of each letter (except for X and Q which confuse her)
-she can pick out letters in writing
-her favorite number is 9
-she enjoys counting even though everything is "123"
-knows all of her body parts from her head to her toes
-knows every animal and their coordinating sounds [cow/moo, horse/neigh, chicken, donkey duck, goose, pig, goat, sheep, hippo, alligator, shark, dog, cat, rabbit, turtle, fish, bird, .....etc]
-can successfully identify her colors, purple being her favorite to find and say
-loves to show her muscles, stick 'um up for tickling, and say "Who Dat"
-thinks her daddy is 'maken bubbles' when he is peeing
-has a weird habit of keeping her finger in her belly button while sucking her thumb
-has a unique way of saying 'airplane' which splashes any surrounding people or things with spit
-will do anything for cheese
-says "Thankthank" for thank you
- mostly enjoys chasing Gracie's tail and then pretending she herself has a tail.
-dances with her daddy to... his..... music
-still loves ol' Mickey Mouse
-and gives her momma the best cuddles in the world.

I'm so proud of this little human we've made.
I know I totally sound like a mom, but I think she's the best kid in the world.

Makes the days so much happier.

and FYI too
[as if I just haven't force-fed enough gooey bragging down your throats]
dusted off my camera
and took a picture
for the first time in like 2 months

and this, my dear friends

is Adeline and her strong muscles like DaDa.


  1. Wow she is a little genius!!! Good for you little mama. Tell me something are you doing that whole "your baby can read" videos and cards with her? if so I think thats so great, I've been wanting to get Clover that, it's just a little pricey for us right now. Anyhow CONGRATS HAPPY 18 months you little smarty pants!

  2. Awww, that's the sweetest.
    I love her way of saying Thank you! Gosh, that's cute.
    The whole darn list is cute:)

  3. Thanks so much for keeping us updated on your well-being. Adeline is adorable and growing so quickly. You have done an amazing job at raising her and she's defintely going to be the smartest child in her classes! Hope your health and pregnancy is doing good.

  4. Awwww what a smart cookie. Seriously! :D

  5. So I tried to leave you a comment on your last post like 3 different times. I don't think it ever worked. :( But, I am so glad you were able to write this and I really hope you are feeling a teensey bit better! I pray for you alot Courtney and your little girl is precious (and sounds like quite the smarty pants as well) :) And it's TOTALLY cool to be a proud momma...after all that's why God gave them to us to take love!!