Monday, August 30, 2010

The Color Blue

I have a correction to make.
Adeline doesn't know her colors. 

I only thought she did. 

After a couple of months being on the sofa, I read her a lot of books. 
One of them, a book of colors. 
She caught on right away, and Philip and I were so impressed that she knew where the yellow page was, and would turn to the orange page when asked to find orange... etc.

I thought that meant she knew her colors. 

now that I'm able to get around a little more I'd ask Adeline to hand me the green crayon or the red block. 
She'd give me anything random and get on with her coloring or playing. 

Turns out I'm pretty sure she memorized the book and which colors were located on which pages. 
If I ask her where the baby is, she'll point to the baby.
If I ask her where the blue is, she'll point to the background on the blue page. 

but in every day, she wasn't really identifying the colors correctly.
Now I know she's still young, but she has such a hunger for learning, and she learns so quickly I feel it's my personal mission to teach her as much as she's willing to learn.

So we're gonna conquer the colors. 

She already knows purple, and has for some time.
I think it's her favorite color, and I love the way she says it. 

So we started with blue.
Everything has been blue.
We've been in blue jammies. 
We play with blue bath toys.
Eat snacks in blue bowls.
She painted blue.
and just when I was thinking that this whole blue thing would take a week, after 3 days of blue, blue and more blue, she was fishing on blue fabric/water when I asked her to find the blue fish.
and LOOK
it's the blue one!!!
So I grabbed the camera, ran to her room and asked her to pick out the blue blocks in her bag.
That's blue, baby!!!



  1. Oh! I've missed her little face! She looks like a teenager now:) And Sophie had just about every toy you featured! Happy you are back bloggin darling. I'm going to e-mail you back tonight or tomorrow after the Gaga concert! Can't wait to catch up!

  2. what a great way to teach her colors! looks like its working!!!

  3. I love the blue.
    She's cute. And smart! Hahah! :)