Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boy or Girl?

I feel huge. 
I'm almost 18 weeks pregnant, and I feel like I have the belly I had at 30 weeks with Adeline. 

A few days ago I was trying to get to the freezer in the garage, and I had to squeeze between the car and the garage door. I went to suck in to make the fit easier, but this belly wasn't goin' anywhere. 

That thing didn't get in my way until I was like 8 months last time!

Putting Adeline to sleep into her crib is even challenging. I can only lower her 3/4 of the way down until I pretty much have to just drop her in because my gut is squeezed against the crib railing. 

I know I shouldn't complain, because what I'm carrying is really a sweet little blessing, and that's the best part.
I just really don't like being pregnant. Really, I truly envy those people who do pregnancy well.
When I hear women say, "Oh I loved being pregnant," or "I miss being pregnant." 
I often wonder what's wrong with ya'll. Haha. Pregnancy is a nightmare for me, and when it's gone I don't miss it. Don't get me wrong through, the results are a work of God Himself, and I have never felt more blessed than I have to be a mother.

Anyway, 18 weeks is reaching the half way mark, and good God Almighty halfway is a celebration! 
in just 22 weeks I won't ever have to be pregnant again, and I get to meet our incredible little baby boy or girl. 

We find out the gender on Thursday if he/she decides to cooperate. I won't count on it, because I tend to have really crumby luck, especially if I'm counting on something, but either way I'm ready to know!
I'm planning on eating Skittles about 30 minutes before the ultrasound, because Skittles seem to make baby a little rowdy. 

Thank ya'll who have been voting in my gender poll. It's fun to see what everyone thinks. 

So far it's pretty much been neck and neck the whole way through with 'boy' leading slightly. 
I seem to be leaning towards thinking it's a boy too, but then again I thought Adeline was a boy.
Philip thinks this one is another girl, and he has a pretty good guessing record. (So far 1-0) haha, and
every now and then when I'm imagining the future with two little ones I automatically imagine 2 little girls. I think that's just in my brain though since I've only ever had a little girl. 
BUT, I had a dream a few weeks ago that I was holding a baby boy. 
A girl would be perfect since I already have all of Adeline's clothes picked up and waiting for another little angel to wear. 
A boy would be fun though, because who doesn't like buying new baby clothes? [yea that's my weakness]
Daddy already has a shiny new [unique] baby girl name picked out, and we can't agree on a boy name to save our lives.
This is totally our last baby, so a boy would be pretty sweet, because we'd have our girl and our boy.
I can honestly say that I really won't mind having either a boy or a girl.
Everyone asks me what I want, and it's a tough answer. 
I really just want a healthy, happy baby. [and if he or she has awesome sleeping habits, yea that'd be bonus]
If I had to lean one way, I'd lean girl only because it'd be less expensive, and we won't have to compromise on names. [Seriously our boy name tastes are complete opposite.] It'd be fun to have 2 little girls, too.
I truly think though a boy would warm my heart and fill our family with joy! 

See I don't know what I want.
I don't know how you momma's wait until birthday to find out the gender.
I'm having a rough time finding the patience to wait until Thursday. [or whenever baby is willing to show us the goods]


  1. You should use intelligender! I think it's like 90% accurate after 17 weeks or something and you can get them at drugstores, like a CVS or something...:)

  2. i'm excited to find out if you're having a girl or boy.. since i won't know with my own until birth-day! it is kind of torturous not to know... but at the same time, having them say "It's a ___!!!" after delivery just seems really exciting too!

    if you have a boy and i have a girl... you can... umm... send me all of the cute girl clothes you made. i wouldn't complain at all! hahahahahahha! ;)

  3. Oh look at you. What a cute belly! My guess is a girl.

  4. Since we now know that you're having a boy, I would love to know the unique girl name that Philip had picked out!