Monday, September 13, 2010

Manic Monday

I know I normally keep my Manic Monday's silent, but I don't get much daily adult interaction here so I guess I feel like talking. Typing. Sharing, whatever, as long as I don't have to do the Hot Dog dance while I do it.

Anyway, check this weird sleeping issue my kid has:

-Her normal bed time is around 8:00pm.
-Her normal wake up time is ohh 6:00am almostonthedoteverymorningofmylife.
BEFORE dawn... like 40 minutes before any sign of sunlight.
-If I put her down at 8 or any later (8:30, 9) it doesn't effect the time she wakes up. Still up before the sun.
Philip even kept her up until 10:30 the night he had to leave for Pennsylvania, and she was up for...5:50 the next morning.

No big, except every now and then she gives me one of those days where I'm literally stalking the clock waiting for bedtime so that I can sit down.
Last night was one of those nights.
The sun went down, and so did she. 7:30 and she was in bed, and I was free for the day! or night...

-EVERY time I put her down early she sleeps late.
For example when I woke up this morning it was light outside, and an immediate rush of panic flushed through my body and I thought she had suffocated during her sleep or something [morbid, I know.]
It was only 7am, but when I say this child's internal clock wakes her up between 5:50 and 6:05 I'm talking sharply.

So yea I got up, flushed the toilet [which surely would wake her up.]
Deactivated the alarm system [she can't sleep through those beeps.]
Let Gracie out to potty. [ain't no way she's missing potty time.]
Puked [I didn't do this on purpose to wake her up, it just happened, but of course she'll hear me and be concerned.]
So now I'm literally walking around the hall wondering what to do with myself and my child sleeping passed 7am. [I'm crazy, I admit it.]
7:20 comes and instead of the usual wake up demands "MAMA!!!!!!MAMA!!!!!!!" I hear a refreshed sweet voice call out "I hear a Mama!?"
and then I realize I should have spent all of that extra time catching myself a couple of extra Zzzzs instead of being neurotic.
The next thought was "Thank you God for letting her wake up happy, and please grant me with a girl in a good mood at least for the morning."
[She's been wicked cranky for the passed 3 days]

Okay, that was quite possibly incredibly boring to you, so if your a blog post skimmer, you didn't miss anything up there.

So, yea, my Monday:

First off, Mama needs a shower.
Shower time for mommy or daddy=dance party for Adeline.
Philip listens to his ipod while he showers and Adeline dances for his entertainment.
I wish I had a video camera, because it's really cute.
The best part is her commitment.
I mean as long as your in the shower and the music on, she's bustin' some mad moves.
She's good, ya'll.

Of course I have to dress her in my newest project:

I am so proud of this dress! It's the best one I've ever made, and I love-love-LOVE it!
I spent yesterday afternoon making it, with the help of my sister translating some pattern lingo for me.
Everything I sew is usually without a pattern or with a pattern I make myself. So I am really bad at reading and understanding pattern words.
Like when Heidi asked me if I knew how to gather, I said no. When she started to explain, I said, "Oh make a ruffle? Duh I can do that!"
haha gather=ruffle
Oh and apparently baste=zigzag the scraggly edges.Yea, I have a fancy sewing vocab, huh?

I love this book for the mornings. It's a page a day with a scripture, a relating message, and a psalm. I love that I can commit to it, since it just takes a few minutes of read time and a few minutes of reflection/prayer time. I feel like I have so much to learn, and whenever I can get something fresh in I feel such a peace!
This morning's Psalm: Cast your burden on the Lord, and He will support you; He will never allow the righteous to be shaken. Psalm 55:22
 Squiggy piggies got a fresh coat of 'Cinnasnap' nail polish today. She sat still for the first time the entire time..... until she heard an airplane. We then got Cinnasnap nailpolish on her arm, my arm, and her legs. Oh well, at least we got it on the toenails too.
 I love corn fritters. I ate the last 7 today. Seriously, that was my lunch. They're just so yummy! I wish I had some more.
Ellen's back on! New season, and I'm stoked! Lucky for me today Usher was on. ;) It was a nice 3:00-4:00 hour!

Oh and I made some bread today. It actually didn't come out as good as it normally does, because I left it in the oven on accident while it was preheating. So it didn't really rise right. I'm not going to lie, it was good none the less. It was weird working in my kitchen again. I haven't done that for about 3 months, so I was forgetting little things like... uhhh..... check the expiration dates. Haha, lucky for me Philip was on top of them so I didn't have any expired ingredients. 

and this is what my evening looks like. I'm knitting up a storm. Okay really it's a scarf, but I'm about halfway done, and that's an accomplishment for me!

Sorry for the long Manic Monday today. 
I also suppose it wasn't very manic. 
Today was chill, and those days are always nice to have! :)
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  1. I love your long blogs I look so forward to them. I always feel like I literally get to sit right next to you and talk about your day.

    Apple dress is adorable and of course Adelina just makes it that much better!

    Corn Fritter = Amazing (you have no clue how excited I get when we go in a restaurant and they have them on the menu)

    Bread = Jealously! There again is nothing I love more than homemade bread (I seriously have been slacking lately)

    Haven't tried knitting but I crochetted back in the day may have to pull that back out and get to making a scarf also. Are you using a pattern or just doing a certain width and length?

  2. What A Manic Monday you had.. phew!! My Max has the most amazing internal body clock too... 5.30am every morning "Ding" he's awake.. Mr chirpy in his cot! And on the very RARE occasion he doesn't wake up at 5.30am, I too think morbid thoughts that something terrible has happened to him!!! Freaks me out everytime!
    Love toddler dancing it's SO cool and funny :)

  3. I'm thinking if she sleeps longer when you put her to bed early, and she wakes up in a seemingly better mood....she probably needs the extra sleep!

    Love the pictures...thanks for sharing with us.

  4. First, I love the dress! Love it love it!

    That is so cute that she dances when one of you shower.

    If she sleeps later if you put her down earlier, by all means do it! If I put Isaac down early I get a wake up call at 5:30. No me gusta.

    I like the long post. It does feel like we sat down for a plate of corn fritters and had a nice chat.

  5. I forgot to add. I actually had adult conversation today for once. I used the word pugnatious, too.

    And can you believe they didn't show Ellen or Oprah's premeres where I live?! They showed women's tennis. WOMEN'S TENNIS.

    They're rerunning Oprah now (watching it) and Ellen at 12:39pm. I am so annoyed. Not okay.
    Thanks for the chat. :)

  6. Oooohhh...
    This one is lovely.
    I love your new header.
    I love the dress you made.
    I love the bread.
    I love your belly (even if it hurts my heart just a little:)
    I love the corn fritter.
    I love that you are feeling back to normal.
    I love you

  7. Love the new header with the #2 photo! :)

    Max wakes up at the same time too everyday. 7:45. Funny how they do that eh?

    I like the long post too, and totally agree it feels like we are having a conversation. :)

  8. Okay... she is too cute!

    Thank you so much for you encouraging comment on my blog today! I really needed it! Wow- we are only 2 weeks apart in our pregnancy (I am 15 weeks today.)
    Dr. said kegels are really good for weak muscles.

    Yeah, I will totally be posting about christian yoga really soon! I have been praying about the right way to present it... Hopefully I will get some writing done tomorrow. I would love to hear what you think when you read it!

    I hope you have a wonderful day!

  9. those little painted toe nails...ARE DARLING!!! I love the color you used on her, so grown up like! lol, and her dress is darling as well :)

  10. Oh my heavens i LOVE that dress! SUPER adorable!!
    I have to agree with Sandi over here, i love reading your blog it does feel like we are just sitting and chatting :)
    I'm so excited for you to find out what you are having!

    oh and that bread? that looks amazing!

    I think i shall go bake now,,, *smiles*

  11. I randomly came across your blog today - and read this post about the whole putting your little one down early and she sleeps later - and I see you're about to have another baby in 22 weeks (congrats by the way!!) I wanted to give you a recommendation on a book that I got when I was preggers (I now have a 2 year old) we had her sleeping through the night at 5 1/2 weeks old (yes I said WEEKS!!) She is an AMAZING sleeper and I give all the credit to this will also help you with your little one little one goes down at 7pm and sleeps until usually 7am (unless I get her up for daycare at 6am 3 days/week) and she takes at least a 2 hr. nap in the afternoon. So the book is called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" by Marc Weissbluth. You can get it at Borders or Barns & Noble or Amazon...pretty much any major book store - it was the BEST $15 I ever spent in my LIFE!! It is now a staple "baby shower gift" and since I don't know you...I'm giving you a virtual baby shower gift of the knowledge of this AMAZING book!! Good luck to you and your growing family -- and may many restful nights be in your future!!!