Saturday, September 11, 2010

I've been wearing my crafty panties.

Autumn kicks off craft overload for me.
Starting with the fall leaves and ending with the Christmas trees, the fall and winter are just screaming for lots of fun crafty projects. 
 I made Adeline a little pumpkin skirt to go with a tee shirt or onesie and some leggings or baby legs. 
She's developing quite a collection of these little skirts. They're just so easy and quick to make, not to mention they're so cute! Anyway,  I realized I had a lot of scrap fabric left over just waiting to be used for something more. 

I decided on some decorations for my mantel. 
I'm sure this is a simple enough concept to skip a full out tutorial, but I cut out roughly cut triangles in 3 fall fabrics. 
I didn't hem any edges for a rough fray look eventually, but if you'd rather a crisp clean line by all means, hem away.
Then I just lined up the triangles and sewed on through. 

I think this could have a lot of cute variations with ribbons and different colors, themes, and holidays.
but I like the way mine turned out!
... I still had some scraps that could have been used.
So I made some small fabric pumpkins...
I traced a big circle onto the fabric.
Then I just used a needle and thread to create a running stitch across the circle. 
I grabbed both ends of the thread and pulled loosely. I filled mine with trash scraps of fabric and a plastic bag, but you could use stuffing too.
Knot the needle when it's all done, and find a stick to place in the middle. 
and there we go, in the matter of a nap time (and about 5 minutes of wake up time) I managed to make a skirt, a banner, and two little pumpkins all way easy.

I just can't get enough of the burgandy, rust, brown, and gold right now so my current project is....
I can't get too far ahead of myself since I've never successfully completed a knitting project, but this bad boy could be a scarf one day.
One day hopefully as in a few days because I've seriously been a knitting fool lately.

Now the 90 degree weather just needs to move on out so that it really feels nice.

Ya'll have a great weekend!


  1. I know you are in your zone because it is fall. It's my favorite season, too! I am so glad to see you're feeling good enough to blog again! I lovelove (get it? haha) that fall banner. I see them online, and I just think they are adorable.

  2. I wish I was that crafty chica.

    How cute!

  3. Ohmygosh girl! You are kicking it into 3rd gear for sure!! Good for you:) Now, can you please come to my house and thread my sewing machine for me? I'm not kidding. I have a sewing machine and am DYING to start to learn to sew, but can not figure out how to thread it! Ahhhhh!

  4. Ooo I love your projects and I love your blog! I am following now!

  5. ack! i need some motivation to do these sorts of things!! they all look great!!