Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Feeling lazy

It's been pretty bummy around my place lately.
Lots of sniffles and laziness going on with the three of us just getting over our colds.
[I still think she's pretty, even with snot running down her nose.]

Spending lots of time on the couch leaves lots of time to observe the things around us... 
like.... uhh my leaning Christmas tree....
Seriously, it's like it leans an inch more every day. We used to get a real tree, which is fun and sure smells nice, but year before last Philip found this tree which was prelight, in the box, and in practically brand new shape in a dumpster.
No, my husband doesn't typically dumpster dive. He was working as a carpenter at the time, and the neighbors with a big nice house dumped their Christmas tree in the dumpster in the box after Christmas on Philip's jobsite. [That sentence had WAY too many prepositional phrases, I know!]
The box said $399 on the front, so I guess he thought it was a score, and sure enough all of the lights work and it stands!
... welll.... stands a little crooked, but it does stand. 
I ain't complaining' though, it saves me a $75 a year on a tree! 

Anyway, I let Adeline pick out an ornament for the tree this year. 
Only she couldn't pick one
She's on a two kick lately, and has to have two of everything, and well who am I to tell a child she can't have two Christmas ornaments? 
Her first pick was this frog, which worked for me since it blends right into the rest of the ornaments.
 Her second pick was this dog, mostly because it looks like "DeDe", which worked for Gracie, because uh, she's "DeDe". 

I'm hoping I can get a little more into the Christmas spirit as December rolls around tomorrow. 
Normally my entire house is fa la laing already, and I've already made batches of Christmas cookies and paper snowflakes all around the house. 

This year I'm just a little out of my element. Feeling gross and blah all the way around. Hopefully I get over it soon so I don't Scrooge my daughter's second Christmas. 

I did make these for stuffing her stocking though:
Three of her favorite things right now: Penguins, "Who Dat Ball" [football], and of course her turtle. 
Plus she's really into bows and hair clips, so I know she'll really like these. 

All of her other presents are wrapped and under the tree already... well 
except for Dance Star Mickey.
Apparently he's the hottest selling toy this Christmas, and I had no idea he'd be so popular. 
We can't get our hands on one without paying $100, and I ain't doin that!
All of the stores and online are sold out right now, so I guess we'll wait and see if that'll be a Christmas gift or maybe a birthday present, since she turns 2 soon after Christmas.

Christmas, Adeline's birthday party, have a baby.....
I can't wait to regain some of my energy and pep back!!


  1. That penguin is a-dorable!!!
    Good work, dear.
    You're so crafty:)

  2. Your tree looks awesome! We just bought a brand new one, and it still leans. lol. I love the ornaments your little girl picked out. Too cute.

  3. She IS adorable with snot and all. Aaaannnd I think I caught a cold from reading your blog:) (jk) we are all coughing like crazy too! Grrr...

    Love your tree...even if it leans:)

  4. Hope you guys are back to your healthy happy selves soon. Have to say that I love her froggy choice of ornament. Too cute. What a lovely tree, and the fact that it leans just makes it all the more unique ... and we do love unique =)

  5. New to your blog, and our daughters have the same name, which I NEVER find, only my daughters is spelled Addaline.

    She's a doll!!