Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy, Swollen Feet

Hiya ya'll!
I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving! 
Ours wasn't bad: Visited with family, ate turkey, watched football... 
I didn't have any pie though... yea should have gotten some pie, missed out on that. 

We spent Black Friday at home, sick though. Adeline caught an awful cold that showed up yesterday, and since my Hyperemisis was kind enough to slightly pause for Thanksgiving, I got a double dose of suckage yesterday and was sick all day puking.

This morning my baby girl woke up with a deep dry cough, a swollen eye lid, and green snot. I swear I'm a mean, mean momma on war path when my kid gets sick. I don't know who got her that way or how, but I can't help but want to rough up those gross germs that made they're way into my angel's tiny body!
I always feel so defeated when she gets sick. She sucks her thumb, so I'm always way extra careful about what she touches, washing hands, and antibacterial wipes... the whole 9. 
Well when she does catch something its like a kick in the gut for me. 
I just hate to see her suffer! 

So last night the three of us cuddled tightly on the sofa, flipped the TV on ABC and watched Happy Feet. 
Adeline was in love! She was so entranced and those sweet little sick cheeks stayed nice and perky throughout the movie... until a commercial would come that is. 
You see Playhouse Disney is smart enough to not run commercials during Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and when Beauty and the Beast DVD is in, there aren't any commercials on either. ABC wasn't followin'....
Happy Feet penguins would have to take a quick nap every 15 minutes, and my poor baby just didn't understand why we were interupting her movie. 

So of course we have to buy her the DVD! 
Uninterrupted dancing penguins for my sick little baby coming right up!
and that fueled my morning trip to Target....
Do you know that when I got there to pick it up it was only $3.99?????
I swear I was dancing on my own swollen happy feet when I saw that.
Most exciting moment of this week for sure!
I got her some penguin jammies to go along with them, because um although they were not on sale, they were cute. 

Oh, I forgot to mention:
I'm officially in my 3rd trimester now!!!!!!!!!
Praise Jesus! 
 When I was pregnant for Addie, we'd take a belly picture every week or 2 and I'd pose, hold the belly, and smile sweetly. Now when it's suggested that I record my hugeness like we did the first go round, it's like a chore. 
That up there was my 3 seconds of posing, and the 2 shots Philip caught as I was walking away. 

I am so sick.and.tired. of being pregnant.
The only thing worse than being pregnant for me is being pregnant AND having a head cold, and oh wait... 
I've got that
Plus the heartburn, and the vomiting, nausea too, don't forget the back ache, swollen feet, heavy breathing, snoring, hormonal overreactions and tantrums, and oh yes contractions-- oh dear me how could I forget what has really topped the miserable list? 

I'd have 20 babies if it didn't mean I had to be so miserable for 10 months.
and yea, that's a full 10 months if this will be anything like Adeline's pregnancy.
40 weeks. 
 That's a long time. Too long.

Sorry, I'm being really whiny aren't I?
I really can't wait to meet my son.
I seriously dream of rubbing my lips across his soft little head and kissing sweet new baby cheeks.
I cannot wait until he's here, and I can't wait until I get to pour out all of my love on another little beauty of ours. 


  1. We picked up Happy Feet too today for the the same reason!

  2. Oooh, I can't wait for your little boy to come! Goodness. He's getting big--cute pictures. :)

  3. I hear ya pregnancy is not always glamorous & I too am so ready for this baby to get here.. I am over it now LOL Not too much longer you aren't too far behind me :)

  4. Are you saving the movies and Pj's for Christmas?? 3.99 is definitely a SCORE!

    I always wonder about those women who have kid after kid after kid... like one a year. How can their bodies and SANITY stay in tact!?! I started freaking myself out last night after my baby shower thinking about how many weeks I have left and how they will keep dwindling and be gone before I know it--especially through the busy holidays! I'm excited... but it's pretty crazy!!

    You look great!!!

  5. Poor sick little baby of yours! I hope she feels better soon, I hate feeling so helpless when they get ill:) Cute belly girl!

  6. You are almost there girl...I know the pregnancy is so not fun, but just wait till that sweet little baby gets here. = )

    I was the opposite- I didn't take hardly any bump photos with my first and regretted it. I'm not doing super great this time, either. But a little better!

  7. Oh wow! You look beautiful. Sorry your little boo is sick. :(

    Yay for 28 weeks! I remember being SO happy to be in the 3rd!