Friday, December 31, 2010

This post is a messy cellphone compilation of randomness, but that's alright. I can do what I want.

I went to Target yesterday as soon as I was feeling up to it, which was surprisingly early in the morning. 
I went for some essentials like wipes, Poly-vi-sol, baby shampoo, and Oreos; but I was mostly going to pick up the one final thing I needed to feel completely ready for Gideon's arrival.
I have really kind family and friends, and they've helped out so much with getting some of the essentials I was scrambling to get. The only thing left on my list was crib sheets, and LOOK
It's just a really exciting thing, when you go to pick something up that you're intending on buying at regular price, and BAM an orange clearance sticker? Be still my heart! 

Speaking of Gideon--I'm getting HUGE! The gas station attended pretended as if she'd fall on the floor when I replied to the ever repeated question "When are you due?" with "February."
"You look like you could have dat baby tomorrow, girl."
I know. I know. 
Look at these ducks walking on water!!! Philip sent us this picture up there in PA, and Adeline and I have been amazed. I was amazed because Philip said this is a frozen lake they go and walk and slide all over, and Adeline was amazed... well just because she's amazed by any picture of ducks. 
Can you believe it's this cold up there and 75 degrees down here? Man! 

In other news, I found my master bathroom counters. 
Yea, they were lost and no longer identifiable. 
If it wouldn't have been so humiliating, I'd have taken a before picture. Seriously, my bathroom is clean for the first time in 8 months. No lie. and I know that's bad to admit.

Christmas ran us straight broke this year. That ain't no joke either. Anyway, Dance Star Mickey was sold out by the time we had the money for him, so we just decided to get him for Adeline for her birthday. This is something she's been wanting, and her favorite app on my phone is the Dance Star Mickey app where you just watch this doll dance.
He came in today, and she's seriously going to flip out when she gets this. I'd like to hold out and give it to her on her actual birthday, which is February 5, but her party is on January 22, and I don't know if I'm going to be able to resist not giving it to her for her birthday party. It's everything I can control not to just give him to her right now! 
See that bag? Packed with Mickeys. Big Mickey, Small Mickey, Soft Mickey, Singing Mickey, Sleeping Mickey, Dancing Mickey.
She loves that ol' mouse! 

Oh, speaking of pals... we finally made it back to Mom and Tots this week. My friend Rachel from our church hosts a Mom and Tots play date in town every other Thursday. I rarely get to go since I'm always feeling so sick, you know being all grossly pregnant and stuff, but this week I sucked it up and took my kid to socialize.
She had a great time with "friends", and it was nice to be able to play with little ones her own age, or close anyway. She wasn't even the only girl like she often is, which was pretty neat in her eyes!
Well I hope you enjoy the last day of 2010. 
I'm too lazy to go through all of my pictures and do a cute little recap of the year.
I'm also too uncommitted to give you any resolutions or anything-
Other than losing a breathing, healthy [appx] 7-8lbs of baby sometime in the beginning of next year. 

Oh well. Happy New Years Eve folks, I'll be having a wild and crazy evening with bubble bath and this little lady:
Love Love.


  1. ha! love that last towel pic! so cute!!

    i got that polka-dot crib sheet on clearance at target too! WOOT!

    happy 2011!!

  2. Oh! I'm jealous of your bathroom double sink! I dream of that day! What a sweet little post:) She is so cute girl!

  3. The red sticker at Target gets me so excited every time! LOL

    Love the duck pictures.

    Your bathroom looks so cozy now I'm happy you were feeling good enough to get everything done.

    She is going to absolute love her Mickey (you are such a great mom).

    Hope y'all enjoy y'all New Years Eve bubble bathing!

  4. I just LOVE finding sale items for things that I need! Happy day!

    Hope you have a very happy new year! Gideon is going to be here before you know it. WOOHOO! = )

  5. ha, I love how oreos are on your essentials list!!

    Glad that you were feeling well enough for a Target run and a mom and tots playdate. Heres hoping you have some more good days and are able to get everything that you need done before your lil bundle gets here :)

  6. You know i am starting to long for that 75degree weather... I live in Northern Michigan so cold is something i am very familiar with! I do have a friend who lives near new orleans though and i may get my share of warm if i can make it down to visit her!

    Love the sheets! Those are too adorable, and clearance is ALWAYS an awesome bonus!