Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where's Addie?

Hello, hello.
I've been puking, aching, moaning and groaning around this piece lately, which is why I've been a little blog absent. 
Who likes a whiner?
Not even me. 

So today besides my back aching and the frequently annoying BH contractions, I'm doing well. 
So I bring a blog! 

My incredibly sweet husband has been really hating missing out on the end of this pregnancy and the Holidays and everything else crazy around here. I send him pictures of Addie all throughout the day [thank you cell phone camera], but here lately he makes me send him 4 pictures of ME daily.
A face shot, a belly shot from both sides, and a belly shot from the front. 
Taking and sending so many pictures of myself is kind of a downer since everything on me (including my nose, really my nose too!???) is swollen. 
Philip sent back his disapproval of this photo because I wasn't smiling, and he insisted I retake it and send a happier shot. When I looked back to see what he was talking about, I noticed my little gremlin creepin' on momma being all vain in the mirror.
I laugh out loud every time I look at that. I just couldn't keep it to myself.
and since I do, after all, have an obnoxious collection of cell phone photos of my whale of a gut here's me and baby G at 33 weeks. 
I'm super stoked to be 34 weeks in a couple of days. 

I've been dreaming of 
-cooking again [I hate to cook]
-working out again [yea obviously I hate that too.]
-sleeping well again [although having a newborn doesn't exactly warrant that.]

yea I guess I could really write a longer list than you care to read, because again who likes a whiner?

My friend texted me at 4:30 yesterday afternoon asking if I'd be interested in the Hornets game last night.
Ummmmmmm YEA!!!!!!
I uncharacteristically and very spontaneously got Addie and I both ready to go, and by 5:30 we were on our way.
I couldn't get in touch with Philip to make sure he was okay with me going, but part of me was actually glad because I know he'd have talked me out of going.
Of course he wants me to have a good time, but he's so worried about me going into labor before he's home, and I really don't do well going anywhere with Addie by myself because I get sick so often and without warning.

Luckily both Adeline and I did great!
and Philip wasn't upset with me for going :) 
My kind friends Helen and Case carried Adeline all over the parking garage that we got lost in and all the way to the arena and to our seats.
I was super thankful for that since I get winded walking across my own house, and lugging my inactive body around New Orleans was weight enough! 
I was seriously worried about bringing her, but I wanted to get out of the house so badly we braved it. I'm so glad we did! She had SO much fun! 

We beat the 76ers 84-77 and blue Hornets confetti rained on top of her little blonde hair.
I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have been able to do something fun with Addie since we've been in kinda of a funk lately. Thanks Helen and Case for taking us! 


  1. Oh mama you must be soooo ready for that baby to be here already! Hang in there :) Addie is looking so grown up.

  2. I love your new blog headline!

    I think that it is too sweet that your hubby wants to keep updated like that in seeing pictures. It's amazing technology these days and great he is some what able to share those days with you.

    The game looked like a blast and your little girl seems to really enjoy sports.

  3. how funny that philip has you send him pictures of yourself... but i can understand why! HILARIOUS that addie is peeking out from behind the door. i LOVE that--and the pig tails!

    i hope you don't go into early labor--yikes! but what a treat to get out! cory tries to keep me from going places as well... mostly since, you know, i wrecked my car last month... and he doesn't want something stupid like that to happen again........ so i can relate in ways. i find myself BORED sitting at home because doing even little crafty things is an effort with a belly!! won't be long now--for both of us! WOOT!

    (addie is cute dancing!!)

  4. Awww, sweet picture of Addie peeking around the corner! You're adorable, Courtney:) Really.
    My goodness, it's coming soon!!!

  5. I love the peeking around the corner photo! Ha! You look great by the way..

    AND, were you the "Santa" that sent Ruari some super cute hair goodies? I keep forgetting to ask you!

  6. Oh! How fun. That belly of yours is just beautiful:) I love your new header BTW! Hope you feel better!

  7. Aww, that is so sweet that he wants to see pictures of you. Seriously, you caught yourself a good one, lady.

    Also, swollen or not (which I totally can't tell that you are), you look gorgeous, and sooner or later (hopefully right on time) all of the awful throwing up will be just a horrible memory, and you'll have the CUTEST (i'm sure of it) baby to show for all of your hard work (and misery).

  8. OMG how funnnnnnnnn!! She looks so cute dancing with her arms up in the air. Now I have that song stuck in my head. "Sqaaaawk" ;)

    That photo is a crack up with her peeking behind the door. Love it!!!

  9. OH! You are sooooo cute pregnant. I LOVE that belly! It's gorgeous. And it's so cute that your husband demands 4 pictures a day. That is the sweetest.
    I think pregnancy is so beautiful.

  10. Omg, you have no idea how very very much I love the pic of little grimlin Addie sneakin 'round the corner... and how very much I love that big ol belly of yours!