Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Take

Who doesn't love a cupcake?
Over here in the Keb household, cupcakes are hot topic lately.

I made a few dozen for Adeline's birthday party over the weekend, and last night I was so tickled to see just how observant my smart little girl is.

I'm typing up a birthday present thank you list when I glance to my left to check out what she's got cooking over in her kitchen.
She must have been paying special attention to cupcake preparation over the weekend, because she had the oven mit on and the cupcakes in the pan. She'd carefully place them into her oven, shut the door, wipe her counter tops, "check um", and pull them out.

I guess to a lot of parents this is a "so what?" kind of scenario, but for me it was amazingly sweet. 
I'm just entering the wonderful [and sometimes challenging] world of 2 years old which I'm learning is filled with imagination  &  spirit.

We have conversations now.
I mean really, up until now, they've always been a little one-sided.
I tell her to do something, and for the most part she understands and will respond either way.
She asks me questions, and I fill her tiny little head with answers that she stores and remembers. 
She's incredibly smart, and our pride in her overflows all of the time.

 The recent birthday celebrations have danced around my house and in her head too.
She's been singing "Happy Birthday" to herself and Turtle too 
which of course is always followed by blowing out the candles. 

[ I certainly didn't know this clearance Melissa and Doug cupcake set was going to be such a hit when I picked it up for her for Christmas, but I'm glad I did! ]

 'Happy Takes' is actually what she calls them. 

I love the little moments God shines a light on for me.
Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the diaper changing, time outs, "Yes m'am" reminders, washing hands, and cutting up food side of parenting.
and sometimes you get to see your baby bake a happy take.


  1. How adorable! She's a smart one with her mitts on too. That's just wonderful.

  2. aww, that's just sweet.
    i love it!!
    yeah, it's awesome when you see the fruit of how much they've observed you. :)

  3. I love Melissa and Doug! That set is SO cute. I've been wanting to bake some cute cupcakes lately!

    (And I wish you lived closer! I would totally help you decorate/do projects around the house. = )

    How's that baby doing? Hang in there!