Saturday, January 29, 2011


I blog what I want to remember, and for the  most part I keep it pretty straight from my brain through my fingers and onto the post kind of style.

I do know a lot of people read my blog, and there are a lot of friends/family that read that I don't know are reading.
That being said, I sometimes think and rethink about how to censor some posts.

Like now.
I'm 9 months miserably pregnant, and ready to evict this little guy from my uterus.
I'm ready to hold him and kiss him and regain some normalcy in my body.
I could write a book about what's going on with me, our family, and our life right now.
We're facing a lot of struggles and decisions, and not all of them we're ready to air out for everyone to see and judge.
For the first time in our lives we're learning and trying to give it all to God and just allow him to lead us, even when it doesn't match up with our own plans and timing.

Still -very- pregnant.

So I'll use my censorship here to spare you from reading how open/soft [or not] my cervix is, or any of the more personal details, and I'll just say this is what's up with me lately:
Doing a lot of this and that and many other "natural labor inducing-encouraging methods"!
Although I know all too well that nothing's going to happen until my body decides it's ready.
It's all in His time, I suppose.

Wish us luck, and pray for a soon and healthy delivery for us.
Thank ya'll, and I hope you have a lovely weekend. :)


  1. Hope little guy decides to make an appearance very, very soon!

    I remember trying almost everything with Dmitri...

    The one thing I didn't try was Castor oil. I think I might be willing to give that a go this time...hmm. haha!

  2. I hope you don't censor too much actually. I find your brutal honesty very refreshing. For those of us in a "waiting" time, we need to know we're not the only ones! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hang in there Momma! He will come in time! And don't try the castor oil! It will just give you diarrhea!

  4. Good Luck... it will happen before you know it! I am still in shock that I already have my baby girl in my arms!! Get lots of REST!!

  5. hahaha, love this! I'm not even a little bit pregnant but totally get what your saying when it comes to censoring what you really want to say because of who may be reading.

    Here's hoping your lil man makes his grand debut sooner rather than later!