Monday, January 24, 2011

Me in my Fish Tee

This is my favorite pregnancy shirt. 
It's my husband's.
I wear it 4 + times a week. 
It has a bass on it.
I do enjoy fishing for bass. 

This shirt is long enough to cover the belly, and not too big to wear I look like I've stepped out of the house in my sleeping shirts (which are much bigger.)
I wore this shirt a lot at the end of my pregnancy with Adeline, and it seems to be my favorite this go round too.
Hopefully I'm looking at being back to regular clothes soon though. 
Even better, maybe I can get to wearing smaller clothes than before. 
--One day at a time, Momma. 
Anyway, we were doing a little mall walking today to encourage little Gideon to feel ready to come any time now.

 I forgot how dangerous it is to take Philip shopping after pay day. 
No really.
This guy can shop!
Any place, any time.
It's dangerous. He is capable of [gasp] guilt-free shopping. 
Now I wish I could do that!


  1. Haha, my husband can shop guilt-free, too. It's bad. I actually get mad at him for buying me stuff (to which he replies "I already threw the receipt away; you can't take it back.")
    You look really comfy (clothes-wise, not belly-wise). I am actually kinda jealous right now.
    Hope the rest of the weeks go by quickly and easily for you!
    <3/Lindsey @ CoaMW

  2. Hahaha. I wear James clothes all the time and im not pregnant. When I was pregnant I took everything from his closet and wore it. Mens clothes are soo comfy!!

    You have a cute cute baby belly!

  3. Aww, you look so darn cute in that shirt! Love the huge belly.
    Glad you guys had fun walking the mall. ;)

  4. i'm having a hard time catching up on all of the blogging stuff... but just wanted to let you know that you look GREAT.... and i'm praying for a fast and safe delivery. i now know how much that means!! good luck!

  5. Nice fish shirt! Do you think your husband hid it this time around?