Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Update on Our Babies

My name is Courtney, and I'm a sleep stalker.
Don't worry, I limit my creeping to only those who sleep in my house.
Maybe that's why we don't get a lot of company?
I hover, I kiss, I cuddle, I cover, and I take the occasional sweet picture like the one above.

Truth is the sweetest my girl has been lately, has after all, been in her sleep.
Testing limits [and vocal abilities] are something Miss Adeline has been annoyingly interested in lately.
It's difficult to find the right balance of dealing with temper-tantrums and screaming in a productive, lesson- yielding, and loving manner. 
I thought all of those Child Phsycology classes I took in college taught me all I needed to know in parenting discipline. Well, that and Nanny 911. 
Uh, I was wrong.
I think every kid is different. What works for you, might not work for me. They're all different, and sometimes it feels like mine is taking my neatly self-compiled mental parenting rule book and pouring her milk all over it [because, well it apparently isn't that difficult to open the dang cup].

So yea, it's been wild around here lately.
Sometimes it's painful [no really, the kid kicks like a ninja], sometimes is comical [bet you didn't think it through that if you throw that toy against the wall, it could very well come back and knock ya in the head!??], and sometimes its rewarding ["Saucy" Mommy, Love Love].

Here I am [gigantic, I know.] at just a couple days shy of 36 weeks.

and in the midst of dealing with our daughter's approaching "terrible two" tantrums, we are on the verge of bringing in a new little babe to the mix.

I'm praying that Gideon is born healthy, while his Daddy is home, and sooner rather than later.
Last night I was having some really painful contractions.
They were a few minutes a part and painful from the top of my stomach to the bottom and all around my lower back. They weren't consistent, and although I was in a lot of pain for hours yesterday evening and much into the night, I tried to sleep it off and ended up getting the best sleep I've gotten in weeks. Then I woke up with just my regular ole Braxton Hicks.

Part of me was selfishly hoping to go into labor, but since he should probably bake for at least 2 more weeks, I'm okay with false labor. Hey that means it's getting close right?

I feel like a first timer though because I didn't feel a single contraction with my first pregnancy until an hour after they gave me Pitocin at 40 weeks. I've been a crazy Googler here in the past few days [How long can false labor last, lung development at 36 weeks, and a lot of other searches that may or may not gross you out], and I'm surely not shy to ring a nurse or my doctor for back up advice [which I know should really be primary advice over back up advice, but do you really think the poor on-call nurse would appreciate me ringing her 911 line at 1:20am? No, I don't think so.]

I do have an appointment in the morning though, and I think he'll probably check to see if I'm dialated any. I stayed at 1cm for an entire month and then 4 hours into labor with Adeline, so I'm at least hoping for 1cm, although with the contractions I've been having and how low I feel him, I bet I'm more.
At least I'm hoping for more. I want a 2. Is that weird? 
I'm just ready.

Do you have any idea what I'll be able to do again? 
Oh yea. Ready, ready, ready.


  1. You sweet peanut:) This was such a cute post. One of those you will look back on when you are holding your baby and chasing your toddler and think "ahhh..yes, I remember that day!" You look like a lady who is ready to have a bay-bay! He is going to be one healthy dude girlfriend! Hang in there:)

  2. I feel ya girl! I'm 5 weeks behind you and feel VERY ready. UGH! Hope that Gideon makes his arrival sooner rather than later...

    and as for labor, it helps me to think of it as "If I still have a question of whether its real labor, then its probably not." That way, even if it is labor, I don't get my hopes up! ; )

  3. I had my daughter at 36 weeks 100% healthy and developed! No worries from here on out!

    Good luck!!!!

  4. That picture makes me melt!!
    It's been so long since my littlest sister was that tiny. And sleeping like that. Awwwww.

  5. You look great... and I can't stand how cute Adeline is with those pigtails!!!!

    This waiting is the hardest... every time you DON'T post on your blog... I think... DID SHE HAVE HIM!? And then I get jealous cuz I just want my baby out! haha! Guess it's all in God's timing!!!