Sunday, January 16, 2011

Watch out Drew Brees!

This is my little girl.
In case you haven't noticed, she totally rocks
At not even 2 yet, this kid has a spirit that makes you smile! 

She's pretty proud to know all of her colors, and she especially likes to demonstrate this when we get dressed. Most days at least at some point in the day I foster her creativity and development and go ahead and let her make her own outfit choices. This day, she wanted orange socks, tap shoes, a black pony tail, a Mickey Mouse band aid on an old scrape, and her guitar shirt. 
[I however did choose her pants for her, because they were actually the only ones clean.]

I also want to note that as of right now, she really really gets hyped up about football. 
Actually she's kind of nuts about most sports involving a ball, which is so funny and just a true reflection of her personality. 
Anyone knowing Philip and I growing up knows that we weren't really athletic, so we always joke about how ironic it is that we have a little girl that's so into sports already. 

She got one gift card for Christmas from Philip's Aunt Linda, and I gave her complete freedom as to how she wanted to spend it. I was convinced she'd want to buy shoes, because normally that's what she begs for in the stores. 
To my surprise though, she insisted on buying a "Who Dat ball" [football]. 
So we took her to Academy, and let her pick out her very own football, and lucky for her she had enough money on her card to get a basket ball too, which she was happy about since she just recently went to a Hornets game too. 

So now most of the recent days are spent lining up her football, basket ball, dodgeball, soccer ball, and Gracie's tennis ball in straight line and then kicking or throwing each one while simultaneously yelling a combination of: "GO, GO GO!!!!", "AWW NUTS!", "FROW IT!!", and "YEA BABY!".

She's pretty hardcore. 
Hardcore cute, that is.
Adeline's as much diva as she is rough around the edges, so it's interesting to watch how she sways back and forth between dressing up in princess crowns and scoring touchdowns.

Did I mention my kid rocks?


  1. Your kid definatly rocks, that is adorable!

  2. I love this post! Sports are a great thing to be involved in and you never know she may go pro in something one day! Your own little celebrity!

  3. Heck yeah, she rocks! She's pretty friggin fab!

  4. Ahhhhh she is TOO TOOOOO cute!! What a pose in that first picture!! Amazing.

  5. I might die from the cute-ness! OMG! I love it so much!

  6. oh my gosh... those pictures are so cute! that is so funny that she is all about sports! love it!