Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[Not] Birthday Cake?

I thought maybe today would be the day.
Was it because of the contractions that were ripe and painful this morning? 
Was it because I am 39 weeks and on the go all-the-time in hopes of provoking labor?
Uhn uh.
Was it because my entire house is spick and span and you could quite literally eat off of any surface from the floors-counters-walls?

I held up my Iphone calendar to my Labradoodle a few days ago and asked her when I'd be put out of my misery baby Gideon will bless us with his arrival.
She picked the 9th with her nose. 

That was today.

and...well.....nothing else has worked so far, so I had faith in my dog.
and unless baby decides to run out of here in the next 5 hours, unfortunately she'll have been wrong. 
So after Daddy's chiropractor apointment this afternoon, he came home with cake
Not just any cake
but a birthday cake.

He proudly declared that this was Gideon's birthday cake as he walked through the door and maybe he'd decide to come out if we had a birthday cake ready for him.

Well Daddy, I've exhausted all other options so, whatever you say.


I had 2 pieces.


  1. AW you poor things. I am sorry my friend. It will happen.. & I hope soon for your sake. Try dancing a little. I think it was what started my labor both times :)

  2. I honestly cannot imagine this...I just woke up one morning and GUSH. I'm sorry, Courtney. This cannot be fun. :[

  3. mmm, the cake looks SO yummy! hope the little guy comes out, and SOON!

  4. very sweet of hubby to think of bringing a birthday cake!! too bad it didn't work to coax little gideon out!! i hope that things progress for you! i know i was beside myself waiting on eloise to arrive... and i was only 38 weeks, 5 days when she came... i can't imagine having to wait even longer! you're in my prayers!

  5. That is the sweetest gesture ever. What a guy! Thinking of you:) xoxoxo

  6. Come on, Baby G! Sheesh, thank goodness you arent the only one who can decide!!