Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'll call it Spring Cleaning

I've been craving organization here lately, in all aspects of my life.

The house, my body, fellowship, parenting, diets.... it's all been a little out of whack for the passed 10 months.

I'm back to feeling myself again, and I'm ready to gear my pack back on track!
I like a schedule, a routine, a daily goal... just makes the day more productive if you ask me. 
So I have designated each day with chore, each week with a household task, and each month with goals. 
Lately I'd tend to wait until one or two days and try to cram everything into 24-48 hours, but that's just unrealistic now. With a slow, steady, and consistent pace, I'm really stoked about the shape my house will be in pretty soon. Eee! 
I have some really nice friends that have been alleviating my dinner dilemmas for the passed 2 weeks. Some girls from my bible studies have graciously been cooking for us since Gideon came home. All of the food has been so good, and has really inspired me to start cooking again. With Hyperemisis, I couldn't even stand the smell of salt and pepper, and I assure you when you're pregnant, you can smell it. So for me to be back in the kitchen actually cooking is kind of a big deal.
I actually don't even like to cook; I'd much rather bake. 
That's probably because if you give me the choice between a warm cooked meal or a delicious dessert, I'd be more inclined to eat the sweet... but that's going to have to be sparingly now.
I've got weight to lose, bodies to keep healthy, and meals to plan. 
It's just me and the babies throughout the week, but on the weekends Daddy's home. 
My husband is a much better cook than I am, so I'm thinking he'll want to do the chef thing instead of me, but either way I'm looking forward to meal planning as opposed to microwaving. 
Of course my operation organization plans really depend on this little sweety. Although I really can't do much complaining, because he really is a spectacular baby, we all know how demanding a newborn can be. 

So between laundry, cooking, exercising, cleaning, breastfeeding, diaper changing, book reading, and of course cuddling I want to make sure to make Bible Studying a top priority. 
Philip and I attend a married's bible study once a month, and I attend a ladies bible study once a week, but other than that and church on Sunday's I honestly don't even make time to study the Word, and here lately I feel convicted in my lack of learning the Word priority. How am I going to teach my kids what I, myself don't know? So as of now me and The Message are going to be spending a lot more time together. 

I'm feeling pretty optimistic about the changes that have come and are coming around here. 

Things feel good, and I like it!

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  1. Good for you girl!! I'm so happy to see you up and running again! And I'm so jealous of your goals, I think that they are all so wonderful!