Sunday, March 6, 2011

Love and Pancakes

I uploaded my memory card to blog about my weekend, and I had over 10 pictures of pancakes. 

I'm not even crazy about pancakes, but my girl is, so this weekend's Saturday morning breakfast was hot served hot and buttery right after 9am, which is how long I let Daddy sleep in. 

It's been really nice and rewarding to be able to cook hot meals and have them served ready for my family again. I'm totally loving what I've been missing out on while pregnant... even the pain in the butt things like picking up laundry baskets and reaching over the bar to dust the kitchen window blind. 

Mostly I'm loving watching the love around here. 
Gideon is such a God-send! He's bringing out the unity and compassion in our family, and he's been such a blessing to get to know and love on. 
It's one thing to love one another, but to watch the ones you love love each other, it just ties all of our hearts together in a way that I know can't ever come undone. 
So whether it was sharing the joy of singing to Gideon with Adeline or laughing at Philip nearly getting peed on, it was a sweet weekend of being our new and improved family.

and while I know that these posts have been way mushy and probably super boring to you, I write them for me--for us.... and these are the moments and pictures I hold dearest. 

So mush gush sticky sweet it's been, and hopefully will be for a while. ;)

I hope you're weekend was filled with love and pancakes too!