Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fav Things Thursday

It's been a while since I've shared some favorite things of mine, so today I'll give you a few from my week. 

If I had one last meal before I leave this earth, I'd request this Chicken Club Salad from Houstons in New Orleans. Mmmmmmmmm it's so yummy! We had to go get Philip fitted for a tux on Saturday for a wedding he'll be in in a couple of weeks so we stopped for lunch after getting him measured. It was Gideon's first outting other than an doctor's appointment, so of course I took pictures [on my phone
Lucky for us, Gideon slept the entire stay, no one touched him or breathed near him, and Adeline didn't spill or throw anything. GOOD LUNCH! So yea, got my favorite salad at my favorite restaurant, yay!!!

This has been my drink of choice lately. The sweetness is just enough to curb a sweet tooth, which is something I definitely have! Yummm!
[I'm totally enjoying eating and drinking now that I'm not pregnant and everything makes me puke, kind of backwards, huh... also counterproductive towards weightloss!!]


My babies are always my favorites, but here I'm talking about this tiny little NB shirt. With Addie, I always had her sleeping in a sleeper. I don't know, I guess I thought a sleeper was for sleep and it should be exclusive to it's name. Plus they're just so cute... Now, I'm all into these little night shirts. No pants, just shirts. Easy access to a diaper late at night when it's too dark to find my glasses is really a lot easier than zippers, buttons, or snaps. Call it lazy, but I call it convenient. Swaddle 'um back up and the warmth is compensated for. Works for me!

Hope you enjoy your Thursday, and find plenty of favorites throughout your week! :)


  1. love cran-grape juice too!

    your pics are so sweet... glad things went well on your outing! always a relief when the baby doesn't scream, etc!!

  2. Oh!! I forgot you used to do this on Thursdays! yeah for that salad, mouth is watering! And that lunch sounds like it was straight out of heaven!

  3. Oh my was I ever addicted to regular cranberry juice after I had M. I drank SO much of it.

    Just got caught up with your blog, love the hospital pictures. Wahhh I want another baby. He is adorable.

    Glad big sis is adjusting well. I often wonder how M will do.