Sunday, April 10, 2011

What's up with us Kebs:

I really enjoy sitting down at the end of a day and reflecting on iphone photos snapped throughout the day, images captured when I had time to pick up my camera, or even just replays in my head. 
It's peaceful and a time to remember and try to hold on to little moments that pass by so quickly during our busy days.
Gideon has taken on a sweet little smile and a cooing sort of laugh that I've so smitten over. 
This boy has me so in love and more so every single day. I am so loving getting to know his little personality!
As far as Adeline goes, we've been trying desperately to get her to help clean her room.
She's not into cleaning and usually takes out whatever I pick up right behind me. 
I must have been complaining a lot though lately about her room because tonight when we walked into it she said "Ohhhhh my my my this is a MESS!" It was cute!
I'm really loving watching how much they love each other! Gideon's eyes light up and his breathing gets faster whenever Adeline is around sweet talking him. She absolutely loves her brother and is constantly helping with him and loving on him. I can tell he really enjoys when she's around too. It's such an awesome feeling to see the two little humans we made love each other.
In other news, this weekend Philip and I did our first 5k for the American Heart Association. I knew it would be kind of hard on me since I pretty much haven't exercised since last April-okay a year ago. In my defense I was couch ridden for my whole pregnancy. Anyway, my friend Chere and her husband inspired us to race together, so we did it with my sister and my friend Dawn and her husband. We went over a bridge and through a tunnel, which were both pretty inclined. That and the 85 degree heat at 3 in the afternoon was the worst part. It felt pretty good to have finished and be done, and although my shins are a little sore today, we plan on doing another one at the beginning of May and hoping to improve our time.

We've got another crazy busy week ahead with something scheduled every day, but I really can't wait until the weekend. If the weather is good Philip's going to take me fishing, and I haven't been since before I was pregnant with Addie. I LOVE to fish, and I'm praying for good weather. 


  1. man, i need an i-phone! what fun pics! love the ones of addie in her room!

  2. Yeah, I knew it would be hot as b@lls out there at 3:00.. honestly, that's why I didn't sign up to race that one. Awesome for you guys, though!! I hope to see y'all at the one in May! (It'll still be hot at 5, but hopefully not as bad as 3.)

  3. oh goodness, I just got an iphone a few weeks ago and I've got to say I'm already in love with doing the exact same thing as you, snapping little pics of the ins and outs of my day :)