Thursday, April 14, 2011

Two Months

My sweet little Gideon is 2 months old today. 
Time slips through my fingers with this little guy, but it's simultaneously hard to even remember living without him here. 
He makes my heart so happy, and he really does so much for my soul.

During stressful moments or rough days I know picking him up and feeling him in my arms will instantly soften my heart.
The smiles he puts on my face could never match the cuteness of his handsome little gummy grins. 
I love this boy.

As of today's well visit, Gideon is 10lbs 11oz and 23 inches long. He is right on point with all of his milestones and is average in his height and weight. His pediatrician called him "perfect", and well of course I agree.

He wears a size 0-3 month and a size 1 diaper. 
He's strong enough to break out of even the tightest of swaddles, and although he acts like he hates them he does sleep best all wrapped up.
He wakes up every 3-4 hours at night, and breastfeeds every 2-3 hours during the day.
He loves being in my bathroom and seems so content in his little chair while I shower. 
Gideon loves to be kissed on the lips. Every time I kiss his little lips or his jawline or chin he smiles a huge lovey smile and I can tell giggles are just begging to come out. 
When Daddy's home, he sleeps next to us in his basinette, but when it's just us he cuddles up with me, and he get's some of the longest and most peaceful sleep in my arms. 
He loves his sister, and I love that it's so obvious. 
He enjoys being outside. 
He can already bear weight on his legs when we stand him up.
He's really strong and holds his head up very well.
He coos and talks to me usually the most after he wakes up from a good nap.
He isn't really happy when the car stops. 
He is still such an awesome baby.
Here's Gideon on his birth day
Here's Gideon @ 1 month


  1. Wow!! It's hard to believe that two months have passed already. It goes by so fast when they are on this side of the womb. Sigh, it makes me just a tad sad.

    Gideon is one handsome guy!! So cute!

  2. aww happy 2 months little Gideon! I'm inclined to agree, he is pretty darn perfect. :)

  3. what a sweetie pie!! he still looks so tiny!!!

    we've got an escape artist with the swaddling as well!!!