Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Recap

Well. Really 2011 has 35496034 notable moments for me, aaaand I have 349220 photos to back them up. So, howz about we do a little quickie of a recap instead of me typing your eyes into a deep sleep of boredom.
Lets begin, shall we?

In January I had a wobble in my walk and a baby in my belly.
In February our beautiful little girl turned two, and we added the sweetest little boy the world could know into our family.
In March Philip was a groomsman and Adeline was a flower girl in her Paran's wedding
In April I butchered gave my kid her first hair cut.
In May I celebrated my first Mother's Day as a mommy of two.
aaand in June Daddy celebrated his first Father's Day as a daddy of two.
Lets see in July we celebrated our freedom, oh and baby toes... 20 actually.
In August we cuddled up on our half a year old & our two and a half year old... & spent some of our last days with our very missed Labradoodle, Gracie.
September came and we let our wild girl lose in a dance class
October rolled around and met our outside play dates with less humid, cooler air.
 November gave us a new puppy family member.
and in the magical month of December we celebrated our first Christmas as a family of 4 (5 counting Scarlet)
2011 was my favorite year ever.
So much goodness, so much sweetness.
Lots and lots of love.
Ready to roll it on over to the new year and let it multiply!
I have a feeling 2012 could be a chart topper year. :)


  1. What a blessed year!

    Your haircut was not bad!!

  2. I love all the pictures, looks like it was a great year!