Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

I've got wrapping paper covering the floor, new toys moving about, and entertained, happy children full of smiles, giggles, and wonder.
I've got a heart bursting with love, and our quiet Jesus-centered Christmas was sticky sweet with our perfect family of four + Labradoodle.  
Here's an unedited peak into our Christmas day:
Scarlet has been on guard for crumbs, abandoned boxes, and small toy pieces.
Gingerbread truffles homemade for our favorite daddy.
Homemade gumbo by our favorite daddy.
A humble Christmas here at home, where the highlight gifts were panties, socks, a United States puzzle, a new Bible, a toy drum, a football, and a fishing pole for the babies.
Jesus got a fancy and very gormet-ish birthday cake.
and because it's all about Him anyway, of course we sang Him Happy Birthday.
and of course we ate some too!
Red velvet cake with green cream cheese icing adorned with M&Ms may been a better portion of our breakfast. Philip says that doesn't make us bad parents but cool parents. Cool.

We went off to our church's new building and took part in an amazing worship service.
The presence in that room was incredible, and it was very well the best worship service I've ever attended.I wish I could have recorded it and posted it for you to see. You probably would have cried just like I did.
Maybe not. I cry a lot, but it was moving for sure.

I'm so glad we get to raise our children with a purpose. I hear people say "The meaning of Christmas is giving, or family, or magic." and I think Biblically the meaning of Christmas is worship. I mean that is what people did when Jesus was born. I felt such a meaning this year. I felt like we were doing something not because of tradition or culture but for real purpose. His purpose. His glory. and isn't that how we should do everything?
It really is, and I feel blessed for that opportunity.

Merry Christmas and so much love, friends!

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