Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Whole Bunch of Words

I've been so exhausted lately. I always was jealous/wondered how Philip could lay his head down and be sleep twitching/deep sleeping 1-2 minutes later. Even amidst my exhaustion I've got to pray, think of stuff, review the day, go over anything I forgot to lock, close, or clean and usually repeat that cycle 3 times because I get off track or ADD and don't actually ever complete a thought. 
So last night Philip went to the gym and I went to bed. My eyes could hardly even stay open any longer, and I was totally planning on pulling a Philip and letting my head hit the cold pillow and zonking out instantly.
Of course that didn't happen and I thought of 749 things before I fell asleep wondering if I had switched the washer's clothes to the dryer, which I didn't. oops.

aaaand here we are this morning with a beautiful sunrise, and I should know because I see them every morning. This one was good! Adeline has formed a "band" where she is the flute player and Gideon is the drummer. Her brother is participating like a good boy, and the dog is hijacking the neglected maraca. I'm leaving the television off, because it's quieter. I'm having breakfast. I'm writing. Because I want to.

Obsessing over: Coffee.
I kind of love it, a lot.
Philip recently bought a Keurig single cup brewer. Those are genius btw.
It was only a practical investment seeing as my car automatically drives to Starbucks all on it's own will every so often.... So now I'm trying creamers and combos and drinking 2-3 cups a day trying to figure out what's my favorite, and who am I kidding, it's all my favorite.
I actually am partial to a large cup of hazelnut brew with a teaspoon of splenda and a splash of 2% milk. 
If I were splurging I'd go with a large cup of Butter Toffee brew and equal parts chocolate milk.
I literally wake up in the morning and think "YES COFFEE THAT I DON'T HAVE TO DRIVE FOR!"
Working on: A little tid bit about  me: I love to organize! I like color coordinated, neatly planned grouping. You'd never know that if you walked in my laundry room, or my "craft" room which is just really the room I've been throwing junk in when I can't find a place for it..... since Gideon was born...... so it's accumulated a lot! So I'm working on touching down on my love for organizing and working all that out. It's tough though because who can organize with babies up? Not me. So I'm limited to nap time, which is dishes and laundry time or bed time, which is usually my bed time too. So yea. I'm thinking if I could let someone borrow my children for one full day or 6 full hours I'd be good and nice and organized. Working on it.
Thinking about: The kids' birthday. Adeline will be 3 February 5th or "Febuary if" as she says and Gideon will be 1 on Valentine's Day. I remember the spring of last year when we were talking about having another baby or starting to try to get pregnant in the summer. I definitely didn't want to get pregnant in May because that's when I got pregnant for Adeline and I didn't want two birthday's in February. Follow? So yea, God's will wins and Gideon was born 9 days after Adeline's birthday and even though I don't really want to, it's practical so I'm thinking I'll do a birthday party for them together this year. Adeline requested another Mickey Mouse birthday although that was her party last year so I was a grumpy Mommy and said no. I really wanted to do a fishy party since Gideon likes his little nursery fish I made him, and Adeline's pumped about her first fishing trip with Daddy coming up. So it'll either be that or Addie's runner up request A Lion King birthday party. I could do so much cuter with a fish party, but if she's still wanting a Lion King theme, whatever, both kids like it so it'll work. 
Anticipating: Philip's brother is expecting his first son in a couple of weeks. I'm really excited for Bradly and Jessica to enter parenthood, and I can't wait for the baby to be born. They live in Mississippi, so we'll try and make a trip over there to see the baby before or after the kid's birthday weeks depending on when the little one decides to make his arrival. Besides that I'm anticipating tomorrow, because it will be a very special day to us. ;)
Listening to: My mom got Adeline a flute for Christmas. She got her a lot actually, but the flute is the highlight for her. She slept with it. and that is what I'm listening to. If Philip were here, he'd have hid it under the couch cushion already. I somewhat enjoy her musical inclinations that are followed by "Yea, Rock on!"

Drinking:I just finished drinking my breakfast, a Spiriutein protein shake. Chocolate. 
Every. morning.

Wishing: I really, really wish we could get a new computer. We've been waiting for this one to crash since July. It's so super slow and old and out dated. Pretty much the only thing I can do on it is blog, since that's just typing words in a box and hitting publish [and action that may take my computer 5-10 minutes]. I can't really edit pictures anymore and I surely can't blog hop, read the news, pay bills, shop, or even organize and group my pictures. Even just playing music on itunes on here takes forever to load. A computer isn't really a necessity [arguable, I know] so it just makes the bottom of the list when it comes to things we need to buy, and let me tell you there's a lot of those things.

So there we go. Maybe since I wrote a gigantic blog post I can take a nap with the kids this afternoon and make it to sleep before they wake up? I hope you have a fantastic day, reader!

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  1. I stare longingly at the Keurig machines when I pass them. I want one!! But the only thing that worries me is that I will spend a lot more $$ on coffee since the packets are like 11$. That and I don't think Community makes the little packs yet. Sigh. First world problems.