Friday, December 23, 2011

A North Pole Party

My friend Talia threw a beautiful, magical North Pole party at her lovely home. If you were wondering what a North Pole Party looks like, here ya go:
12 giddy girlies were seated and served some pretty rockin' cookies and milk in a sweet personalized jar.
It was nice to get away with just Adeline and me and spend some "girl" time together. It was fun to watch the wonder and excitement in her and her friend's eyes!
The girls went on a North Pole scavenger hunt, decorated hand print ornaments, dipped fruit in a chocolate fountain, read Christmas stories, and got sweet little Christmas favors with some homemade peppermint lip gloss Talia made that I stole from my daughter Adeline loves.
It was pretty spectacular; I mean a party you wear your pajamas to=awesome! That right there sold me ;)
Most importantly a bunch of sweet little girls were amazed by a little Christmas wonder. So sweet!


  1. Too cute! What I would give for just an ounce of that woman's creativity! If I was still a little girl, I would have loved that party.

  2. Wow, the host of that party deserves some props! What a beautiful event! I love the table decorations and how everything was set up. I also love Adeline's expression that looks SUPER excited!

  3. sounds like a lot of fun!!! and that tree is awesome!