Saturday, December 17, 2011

Oh, I don't know.

Yeaaaa, that nasty stomach virus my husband had last weekend?
Waited until Friday to take me over, and it's slowly creeping in on my little ones. Puking has yet to begun with them so if you could pray that they remain healthy and bypass this virus I'd be grateful!  Update: Oh my gracious they puked the night away. EEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!

This has been a very unpleasant weekend so far. 
Philip has been working and late hours at that. 
So yesterday I had the kids [and the puppy] and the stomach flu to myself allllllllllllllllllllll loooooooong day. 
Let me just say 
Ugh, Ew, and Blah to yesterday, 

Seriously, it was bad. 
I kind of feel like typing it all out so that you could really see just how bad, but honestly I don't even think you'd believe me. It was such a crazy day that you'd probably think I was making up every unfortunate mishap. That outrageous, folks.
Okay, can't resist one horrendous detail of the day, and that'll be less gross and more funny and less enjoyable for Gideon....
Adeline mopped the floor [like the whole living room floor]..... with her brother [right, as in, her brother was her mop].
Yea, should have remembered to dump out the mop water from the night before.
But today has been a little better. 
Pajamas, kiddie Christmas movies [Mickey's Christmas, Muppet's Christmas, and Veggie Tales Christmas, why oh why did I decide to cut our cable RIGHT before I'd be couch/bed ridden sick???], and lots of water [staying down].

I really missed Gracie yesterday. When I was sick and throwing up all of my pregnant days, she was always so loyal and so calm and so comforting to me. I maybe got that hysterical sniff and breath cry yesterday in an over-emotional fit of missing her. Especially when our rambunctious puppy jumped on my stomach one while I was napping on the couch and once while I had just gotten over a noI'mgonnakeepthisdown throw up feeling. Not one of my best days. But hey, there has been worse.

Anyway, enough bumming and more Christmas cheer-YEAH
There's like a week left til Christmas and I've got a bunch of holiday stuff to do. One of which is like right now, since my kid is calling me to watch St. Nicholas Veggie Tales. 
Actually she said, "Mommy you option is to watch dis wif me or go to you bed and take you nap"
and umm, I'm very tempted to be rebellious and get sent to my room, but I guess I've gotta be the parent-boo. 
See ya. :)


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry that the bug seems to be biting you all. That stinks! I pray that it goes away & soon.
    The day will come where little Scarlet will want to be your best friend & cuddle & snuggle with you when you are feeling your worst.
    Adorable photo of the babies & their Christmas things! <3
    Have a super sweet weekend!

  2. Sorry you ended up catching it, too! Poor Gracie.. I feel like I knew that dog! I just feel sad for her.

  3. Feel better soon! Sorry we have your babysitter this weekend and you had to go it all alone! Sounds like you could have used a Mommy break for a little bit. You're an awesome Mommy but remember to take care of you too. Hopefully it's a quick illness and normalcy will return soon.

  4. Ah, I hope you feel better. Sadly, I think it's going around. Bran woke up throwing up. 3 times so far.. not excited.