Wednesday, December 14, 2011

BoyBoy @ 10months

I remember when I found out Gideon was a boy. 
Philip was working in Pennsylvania, and he said there was no reason to even do an ultrasound because he knew we were having another girl. 
[cocky from being right the first go round]

I saw the ultrasound tech searching for the goods as he wiggled around in my belly. I'd had plenty enough ultrasounds to spot it out before she said it, and as soon as she confirmed those words It's a boy my heart grinned and my soul skipped. 

and now he's all 10 months n-stuff. 
I don't really know if I've said this on one of his monthly stats posts, but if I did I guess it's worth repeating. 
At night when I tuck this baby into bed and pray over him I always pray that he follow God's will for him, and I feel like I know what that is. I really think this little guy is going to do great work for the Lord. I can just feel that. I really know he's going to do incredible things through and for God, and I feel so excited and blessed to be able to raise him. He's pretty special, ya'll.
This past month for him has been so full of new developments. Just in the passed few weeks he's doing so many new and big things! At his 9 month well visit, which we were two weeks late on, the pediatrician told us he is very well advanced in milestones. He's doing some things that aren't typical until 13 months. He's also average in height and weight, and way above average in big sweet smiles. 
I made that last part up. The rest is true :)
@ 10 months Gideon:
-intentionally says "Mama", "Dada", "Boyboy", "Puppup", "NoNo", and "ByeBye"
-intentionally gives fives, waves bye bye, and claps
 -laughs hysterically at silly faces, peek a boo, and tickles to the thighs and ribs
-plays so well with his big sister
-loves to pull sleeping puppy's ears
-loves to speed crawl to the dog food bowls in the laundry room while smiling and chanting "Nononononono"
-thinks bath tub splashes are super fun
-will go with anyone
 -is completely amazed and smitten with his father
-has 8 teeth and pretty much eats whatever we do for meals
-is really not wanting to nurse much anymore
-enjoys being outside and is really jealous of his sisters tricycle
-wishes he could run
-chews his crib like a beaver
-loves to dance when music is on
-makes my heart swell 
I love that this child lets me squeeze him. I love that no matter how angry I am with the world that picking up this sweet ever-smiling child erases any pain or upset of that moment. I love that he lays his sweet head down in between my neck and shoulder and lets me just breath in sweet baby breaths. 
I feel so blessed.
So so blessed. 
Thank you, God for my sweet Gideon. 

BoyBoy @
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  1. Oooh I could just squeeze him! He is soo precious! I love his expression in the picture with the red socks.

  2. What a handsome little guy!! :)