Friday, March 30, 2012

Dying Eggs

There are a bunch of really cute and creative Easter egg dying methods along with some super fashionable, hip Easter eggs. We, however, enjoy our $1.59 dye kit you can conveniently grab right next to the eggs at the grocery store around this time. So you're not about to look at anything pin-worthy or extra creative. Just sweet babies and plain,bright eggs.
Our favorite part is watching the water turn into super cool colors.
 Gideon isn't old enough to help quite yet, but he took a nice front row seat in his high chair. It was sweet seeing his little baby face watching and remembering when Addie was small and in that front row seat not long ago during egg dying. Just think, next year we'll have a new participant to add in. ;)
 I was impressed with my 3 year old's delicacy, I don't think we had a crack at all.
 My favorite by default is purple, because that's my favorite color. I really like the yellow one too :)
My 3 year old asked, so I'm going on the assumption of your curiosity too.
I can't figure out what color is brother's favorite. He isn't attracted by one over the other for right now. Adeline usually picks blue for him, but if he's picking something for himself it's a toss up to whatever he gets to first.
 Her favorite color is still green. She was 9 or 10 months when I noticed that, and she's always preferred anything and everything green. Her daddy says that smart people's favorite colors are often green. I think I could agree.
 The kids were anxious to try the eggs after all the hype of making them all colored nnnn stuff. Adeline nibbled a bit on hers before she gave it to brother who surely prefers his scrambled.
 Not as delicious as Cadbury mini eggs kids, I know, but I do love a boiled egg. Especially a purple one! :)
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