Thursday, March 29, 2012

and We Have a...

We took a peek at baby 3 today, and now we will call her a she!
We are having another girl, and we all wear sweet smiles today for another sister! 
She's a tiny 8 ounces right now, but in just a few months she'll be big enough to fit inside this sweet newborn dress her big sister excitedly picked out for her this morning. 
We've also given her a name today after seeing her gorgeous little face and her precious little feet.
Happy hearts in our home today. 


  1. woo hoo!! I am so excited she is a SHE!! Love the name! not that it matters what I think.. but still love it!

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  3. yay! congrats on finding out!
    love this :) :)

  4. What's up with my poll percentages? 70% + 29% is not equal to 100%. Hmmm...