Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adorableness Jackpot

I'm not a great photographer.
I don't have a super awesome camera.
I'm not an editing pro.

But. I love to take pictures.
I think it's like my drug.

I have always been a recorder.
Journals, blogs things of the nature.
and when I go back to the things I have written it makes my heart warm to associate the memories with a moment frozen in a photo.

Taking pictures is something I really enjoy.
It's something I've always done and will probably always do.
My favorite moment of taking pictures is the high I get riiiiight after the shot.
 Like that one.
Where the moment was perfect just when my finger happened to press down on that camera button.
These moments are bonus point worthy when I get not one but both children together in the same picture without anything cooky or crazy (or normal) going on.
I mean really, it is kind of addicting to see how much adorable I can get in one picture.

This morning I totally hit jackpot.


  1. Your kiddos are definitely adorable! You've gotten some great pics. We have taken tons of pics EVERY DAY since Eloise was born. We are going to have a million when it's all said and done with! Like you, I'm not an editing pro or anything... but it is wonderful to be able to capture the memories!

    I can't believe your kids are in shorts and tshirts. It is SLEETING sideways outside my window right now! The heat is on and we're in long sleeves and pants!!

    1. Thank you! Pictures are so important! I love looking back at even the ones taken last year and especially before.

      Ummmm yes. It's 85 here. So hot, and it's only going up.
      I wish I had your sideways sleet! I'm melting.