Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Park

It's always a good day when you get to go to the park, but when you get to go with friends it's pretty much equivalent in excitement to your birthday party.... or something else children think is really super awesome fun!
As professional park hoppers we tried out a new park (to us) across town, and lucky for me it was super shady and a little overcast so I was able to stay and enjoy friends and their babies for a good while! 
That's my kid, not Nina's, but I love that picture of her and Gideon. I also love Silas' face in the last one. We took so many of Candace and her three and in almost every one each one was making a funny face. Adeline and I laughed out loud going through all of the pictures. These kids are so fun!
I love these of Adie and Kole. They play so well together, and he's just the sweetest little boy you'll meet! From my observations at this stage in their mature toddler lives, I won't mind if they marry in a couple decades. 
This dude isn't allowed to get married though. He's all mine. To squeeze foreverrrrr!!!
We would adopt this little Lilly of we could. She enjoys playing the little momma role to Gideon, and she's Adeline's absolute best fwiend. Squig asks to play with her every single day, and when she isn't around many times she's imaginary around. Not that I have a weird kid who talks to someone who isn't there, but.... okay maybe I do have a weird kid who pretends like her best friend sleeps in her top bunk.

Precious children they all are!

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