Monday, December 17, 2012

Love a Lamb Lovey/Selah's Sweet Sheep

Move over Turtle, there's a new lovey in the house.
 Little tiny Selah baby is approaching 4 months old, and that's right about when Adeline found a stuffed sea turtle, and fell in love.(Gideon was too manly of a baby for a lovey ;) Actually Philip really wanted him to take on to this orangutang thing, but Gideon don't need no stinkin' stuffed animal to sleep.)
 Coincidentally this lamb Adeline and I bought Selah the day we found out she was indeed a she is becoming this little baby's lovey.
Now I have mixed feelings about this.
-This sheep has "spot clean" on the tag so I don't know how well it will stand to washes, and if it becomes anything like "T" (Adeline's turtle) it'll need some frequent washing.
-I have no idea where or what company manufactured this, so I cannot get a back up, which I also learned is preferred to a child with a lovey addiction.
-Also it's light colored. In one-two years it will be black. Keeping it real, maybe dark gray.

But really when this baby cries or can't get comfortable falling asleep that sheep cuddles up next to her and it's done. She's out. and how sweet is it?
Super sweet.
Like you can't even stand it, sweet.
I should probably pick it up so Adeline stops sticking it everywhere Selah is, because she is starting to really love that lamb. Her eyes light up big, her breath speeds up, and her smile is uncontrollable when you whip the sheep out.

These girls and lovey probs.


  1. Maybe find something similar but machine washable? My kids never had a lovey no matter how much I wanted them to, because adorable.

    1. I'd actually rather her not since it's been a lot of trouble for us with Adeline's. She cannot sleep without that turtle and sometimes its more trouble than I think its worth.
      But really, when that baby cuddles that sheep I wanna just let it happen. So cute.

  2. We tried to find another Minnie for Eloise (of ALL things... Minnie is what she attached to!)... but the one our friends got her must've been the last of it's specific kind - we could not find it ANYWHERE online or in the store. Then we kind of thought that it would be horrible to replace the original anyway - so we mostly keep Minnie at home... and if we take her anywhere, she stays in the car at all times. I wish she would've attached to something as sweet as a sheep... I love them! Love your pics! And hey, if Selah's sheep turns gray/black... you can always press for "Baa Baa Black Sheep" to be the lovey's theme song! ;)

  3. On the bright side at least it's a lamb. Maybe in 2 years when it's black/grey it'll just look like a colored sheep and not dirty.

    Trying to find the silver lining here for ya, lol.

    She's so stinkin cute all snuggled up :)