Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Felt Christmas Clippies

I'm turning projects out left and right over here, ya'll.
It's a good thing, really; I have a 2 page to do list right now, and I'm just scratching things off on the daily! 

Philip will be home pretty soon, and once he's back here for a month I want to concentrate on being together, getting the nursery done, and of course decorating and enjoying Christmas stuff while he's here. So the crafting will probably be a little slower then.

Anyway Miss Addie Jean's hair is getting pretty long. We've waited a long time for this hair, so there's no way I'm chopping off any of these lovely locks. Instead we just made her some festive little clips for the Holiday season. 

She loves hair accessories, and actually picks out which one she's going to wear every day. I let her pick out whatever she wants even though it usually doesn't match. She always goes for the fun, loud accessories so I wanted to make something she'd enjoy wearing.  
[<3 felt!!]
So I went through my felt collection, picked out some Christmas colors, and began cutting.
These are the basic shapes I used to make a holly, snowman, reindeer, and tree clip.
I used felt glue to adhere all of the felt pieces together. I used embroidery floss on the holly leaves, snowman and reindeer noses, and on the tree to make french knot ornaments. I used black fabric paint for the reindeer and snowman eyes and buttons. When everything was finished being embellished, I just hot glued the felt pieces to either a headband or a hair clip.
The little reindeer is my favorite, and what do you know it's not only cute but functional. After all, you can see those baby blues so much better without hair blocking them.
I won't lie, even I wore one. The holly clip might even make a reappearance in my bird's nest hair sometime in the future! 

I think these would make cute broaches, ornaments, gift tag accessories, hair pieces, onesie or tee shirt appliques....etc
Go run to your felt stash [and if you don't have one, uh, get a felt stash] and make something fun! 

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  1. Those are adorable! If you don't mind me asking a silly question: What kind of felt glue exactly do you use?

  2. awww how cute! you're so gifted. :)

  3. I actually have a felt stash that I haven't used since i bought it. What the...

    These are cute, and I've been wanting to make something for my hair because that's the kind of gal I am. You've just inspired me, and you should totally keep wearing those holly leaves!

  4. They turned out really beautiful! I was thinking about making tree ornaments in that style for a while know, but those hair clops are awesome, too.

  5. Oh my gosh... too cute! I love that Adeline picks out her own hair things! :) I had hair like hers until I was about 3... and then it grew like crazy! You'll have a blast when Adeline's hair starts really going crazy! I'm glad you aren't going to cut it for awhile... the hair things are so adorable!!

    sorry that your grandma has alzheimers... it is so sad to see our loved ones reduced to shells... grrr. i hate that disease!

  6. Those are too cute!! I get all weepy when I see fun projects like this out here in blogland. It's times like these I wish I had a girl to make cute clippies for.

    But if you can rock a holly clippie, then I'm sure I could too!