Saturday, May 8, 2010

DIY Hooded Towels

Those baby towels aren’t cutting it anymore.
Addie’s too long to wear the hood, and the thin towel doesn’t even dry her off without becoming soaking wet.

Big thick comfy towel.
Oh yea in girly colors.
Some polka dots.
Oh and her name because Mrs. Rachel has a sweet embroidery machine (that I’ve been itching to splurge on)
Did I mention—A BIG OL HOOD???

Super easy to make.

Buy a medium and large size towel in the same colors.

Sew on any ribbon, embroidery, or any other embellishing onto the medium size towel.

Fold the towel in half and use your little one’s head to estimate where you’ll be cutting.
If you look closely you can see where I used pins to pin up until where I was going to cut.

Sew a diagonal line from the point where you want your hood to peak to the end of the towel.

Cut the excess towel off.

Then flip the towel inside out and pinch the outer seam in. Sew the seam on the outside in so that it is not visible on the back of the hood. Use a zig-zag stitch to close if you don’t have a serger.

If you turn the hood right side out you’ll see there is a large V at the bottom of the hood. I just cut a straight line about 2 inches from the line of the outer hood.

Finally I just lined the straight line with the center of the large towel. Sew together using a zig zag encloser. Make sure the hold is strong and there you go.

I made these a couple of days ago while I was without internet. (Amazing everything you can get done without the distraction of the computer.)
I was unable to google or find a better way to make the hooded towels, so this is what I came up with. I’m sure there’s a different way or even a better way to do them, but I just wanted to share how easily I did Adeline’s.

They are SO awesome and such an improvement to the thin baby hood towels I wouldn’t let go of. The hood fits on her head while the rest of the big fluffy towel just wraps around her. So cuddly, and so cute!

Enough room for snuggling or even peek-a-boo.
Kid tested, Labradoodle approved.


  1. THANK YOU!!! I am so excited about this tutorial! you rock girl!!!

    EVERY friend I have is preggers right now (not kidding!) - I just found the PERFECT baby gifts! Thank you thank you thank you!!

    btw - I'm doing a CSN stores giveaway - make sure you come enter!

  2. Oh my grammy made and sent some of these homemade hooded towels to us. We use them way more than we ever used the little baby ones. The hoods on ours aren't quite as big though, the ones you made look SO COMFORTABLE, I'm not gonna lie, I wish I had one for myself, haha.

  3. I LOVE that these are personalized!!! So darling. Way to go!!


  4. Ok, now i really want an embroidery machine! These are so so cute! And your little girl is adorable :)

  5. Hi! You’ve got a great blog here. I host a linky party every Tuesday called Tot Tuesdays. I’ve love it if you’d stop by and link up your great ideas for tots!

  6. What a cute idea. Love that towel with the monogram.

    Found you via Just Something I Whipped Up. Hope you will visit me sometimes over at Pittypat Paperie.