Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pumpkin Shirts

I recently remembered I have a pumpkin maternity shirt!
Okay, well it's not a maternity shirt, it's a regular shirt, but I painted a jack-o-lantern where the belly goes, so if you wear the shirt while not pregnant it'd be a little silly looking.
This is me with my little Adeline pumpkin @ 22 weeks:
[I do realize I have the most dorky smile on the universe.]
and this is me and my baby boy [still battling for a good name] pumpkin @ 22 weeks along with my little Squiggy. 
Daddy even sports a pumpkin shirt, although our little angel (last year's Halloween) is blocking his face.
Did I forget our first baby?
You know, the Labradoodle? Hers is my favorite. 

I've got a whole patch around here! ;)


  1. Aw! I agree, you adorable! I like that you are 22 weeks in both pictures. Planned? Good luck with the name choosing! Take things easy! xoxo

  2. I've been wanting to make the exact same shirt for this Halloween! I was only 4 weeks pregnant last time around at Halloween...haha, so no photo!

    You look fabulous! Good luck with the name!

  3. Oh.
    My gosh, lady. You guys are too cute!!

  4. So great!! I love it. Some day it will be fun for both of them too look back and see. :D