Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Dr. Suess Baby Shower

How was your Labor Day weekend? 
Ours was delightfully busy, as most weekends are, right?
Philip's brother and sister in law were in town from Mississippi. 
My Dad and Uncle were in from Texas.
oh and Philip's cousin is in from Kentucky. 
Lots of family this weekend. 

We got to go to our sister-in-law's ultrasound over at Peek-a-Boo Ultrasounds in Thibodaux (which I highly recommend). It was a pretty place with a sweet tech and we got to peek at our little nephew. It was super sweet. 
The next day, I, along with the help of Philip's mom and Aunt Lisa, threw them a baby shower. 
I had been planning the Dr. Seuss decor in primary colors because we just learned the baby is a boy the day before. 
I've got a bunch of pretty pictures for you, but compared to the pictures Philip's brother took, mine look like pictures Adeline could have taken.
Soooo I'm sharing with you his pictures, which are amazing as his always are.
If you want to see more, or check out his great talent for photography check out his Flickr:
I sure wish I had the money for a camera upgrade oh and some new editing soft ware, lenses, and flash equipment... or better yet I sure wish I had his talent. 
Oh well, on with the shower photos.
I went with aqua, red, and yellow for the colors. 
My mother in law had the food catered, and it was delicious!
I baked the cupcakes. I did a double chocolate, strawberry and butter cream, and vanilla and almond icing via my friend Talia's frosting recipe. It was delicious, although I made it a little too thick in consistency.
Philip's Aunt Lisa made a cute little candy bar with appropriate colored candies, and we all bought Dr. Seuss books to place here and there.
I don't know if you can see the tissue paper pom poms in the background, but I really think pom poms make a shower! For everyone who asked me how I made them, I totally ripped them off of Martha Stewart. Here is the tutorial I use.
Here's a little lolly pop tree that my mother in law made. She also made a DumDum lolly pop tree, which was a real hit with the kids. 
Here's an upward shot of the diaper cake I made. It was my favorite shower decoration, and I like to make them. I didn't use a tutorial, and I'm sure there are better ways to make them than what I did, so see google for those of you who asked how I did it. :)
I like to do baby shower sign in sheets on a calendar. I just think it's cute to have everyone sign in on a guessed date. Some people don't get it, but I like it. Oh and that Cat and the Hat Ring Toy? HOW CUTE? Trend Lab has some ADORABLE Dr. Seuss nursery toys and bedding.
I also put some fun, quirky Seuss quotes around for people to read. Some of his quotes are just too precious!
All in all the shower went well. Games were played, food was eaten, memories were made,....
and a Momma was spoiled. 
They got tons of cute stuff!
All baby shower photos were taken by Philip's brother Brad Kebodeaux

Philip and I are so excited to meet our nephew next year! 

Oh, and I wanted to add that my good friend Rachel just opened up her brand new online baby boutique. 

She does carry Trend Lab there, so you can head there for some of they're cute stuff. She's doing free shipping with over $100 order. She also has a bunch of other awesome deals including free gifts, so shop around her website. 
I'm doing all of my kiddie Christmas shopping with some of the awesome toys she's carrying, and I have a JuJuBe diaper bag from her.

Some of my favorites from her boutique:
The Bake & Decorate Cupcake Set that we have and LOVE!
The LeapFrog Leapster Explorer I'm so getting Addie this for Christmas
This Tabletop Easel How cute and convenient? 

and that's just toys. She has bedding, clothes, and all kids of other cute stuff. Check it out ya'll!

Alright nah, Saints are going to whoop up on Greenbay tonight, so I've got to get to my housework so I can be all ready for the game tonight. Who Dat!


  1. Looks like a great time with family! I love your pictures and always jealous of them. You are the reason I went buy a new camera. The skills I still don't have but I'm working on it. I love the quirky quotes...great touch!

  2. oh man! that looks amazing! how special! i think that throwing a great shower is SO important! dr. seuss is a great theme. i'll have to tell my friend's mom about using it for their baby boy coming in january!

    and here... i was about to post my pitiful little banner that i made for my father-in-laws homecoming! doesn't quite compare! oh well!! :)