Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Gideon 7 Months

Boy Boy Boy has my boy been busy this past month!

Gideon is:
-17lbs and some oz. 
-in a size 2 diaper and a 6-9 month or 9 month size clothes, unless it's a sleeper then a TWELVE month!
-getting some fuzzy light brown hair on his sweet little head
 -sleeping through the night unless he is teething
-sporting a brand new (half) tooth (it isn't finished coming through) 
 -loving to be outside 
-laughing more than ever these days
-always way too excited to eat
 -enjoying when I have the TV on for sister
-napping at the same time as his sister usually (12-2) 
 -not in his bath seat in the tub anymore
-staying in the church nursery during service 
 -trying really hard to crawl
 -happy for cooler weather

I love this boy!

Adeline told me this morning "Gideon is Jesus' favorite boy."
I'm assuming she gets that from me telling her that Gideon is my favorite boy and she is my favorite girl. 
and while explaining to her that Jesus doesn't have favorite boys and that he loves all boys and girls so so much, I've got to admit, if I were Jesus Gideon would be my favorite boy. 
It's a good thing I'm not Jesus, huh guys?

Saturday night he was up every 2 hours fussing and nursing. I was worried he was getting sick, but while we were worshiping in church Sunday, I attempted to pacify his fussing by letting him chew on my finger. Surprise! There was something sharp in there, and that explained our night. 
So yea, brother is now the proud owner of a tooth. (Kind of.. it isn't finished coming out all of the way yet.)

We went to Copelands after church on Sunday (MM MMM MMMM), and Gideon was in fits that we were eating and he wasn't. I didn't have a banana to mash with me so I spontaneously decided to order a side of mashed sweet potatoes for him. 
This boy. was. in love.
He also ate it like he hadn't eaten in 5 weeks. 
I mean he eats sweet potatoes at home, but I just bake, puree, and serve. These were apparently a little fancier than mine, and whatever they had in them, he loved! 
It was really cute and just a little hint that he isn't so tiny anymore as he was eating along side of us at the restaurant. 

I hope that Gideon always knows how sweet and lovingly I soak in all of his soft cuddles. He is so good to me, and every single day I thank God for blessing us with this boy!

My sweet little Tookie Tookie!!!
I cannot get enough!!!!

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  1. he is absolutely adorable (so is adeline!)... getting big fast! it's been fun to watch him grow through the months!