Monday, August 10, 2009

See ya Summer

Well. The end of summer is nearing, and I must say it was much better than any summer I've ever had before. I don't mind it's end though, since fall is my favorite. I'm eager to introduce Adeline to hoodies, pumpkins, and cooler weather.

This summer marks a very important time in our lives. Adeline had so many firsts, and so did we as a new family.

Next summer better watch out though. Because the Kebodeaux's WILL take a vacation.
The last time Philip and I went on vacation was for our honeymoon. So next year we want to take Adeline to the beach. Just us and our favorite place to be.

Although Adeline's piggy get's all of our spare change, this new nifty vacation bank will get the bigger bills when we can spare them.

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