Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Sweetness

Okay so today I had a first.
We went to church as we do every Sunday, but this Sunday I was determined to bring myself to bring my daughter to the church nursery.
Sounds simple to some.
Torturous to others. [me]

You see, I've got a huge appetite for knowledge, but little time and patience for it. Combine that with having to stuff myself in the church cry room with a child who demands entertainment on all hours she is awake [and will not sleep unless cozily nestled in her own crib].

It was really beginning to tire me. I can listen to the service on the small tv in the cry room, but I rarely even know what was preached.

So despite my recent fear of germs, other people, and other people's children. Philip and I agreed to try.... the nursery. Mind you this would only be for 30-45 minutes since we let her stay with us and babble through worship, but this is a big deal for me.
I watch my daughter.
I change my daughter.
I make sure my daughter isn't putting gross germies into her mouth....
You get the idea...
So I reluctantly gave her up and watched in sadness/amusement as the nursery room teenagers put a sticker on her bottom to match her diaper bag [for identification].

It was a good service, and I was thankful for the oppurtunity to acutally be able to listen and learn. Although I will admit I worried about what she was doing, touching, and needing every single minute. I was also glad Philip didn't have to sit alone though. He's kind of the family leader when it comes to going to church, so I hate for him to have to sit alone. It was nice.

Anyway, we rushed to the nursery to go get our little baby as soon as we were released.
I am laughing out loud as I type this, and I'm still not quite sure why.
If you could have just seen what I saw.
OR if I could have only had my camera.

We are waiting in line to pick her up as I impatiently strech my neck out around the crowd to get a peek in the room.

I see two long legs dressed in dark denium and two bare feet hanging out of a swing.
That was her.

So I look a little further and catch the look on her face as she is swinging back and forth, back and forth.

[Now, if you knew my daughter you know she can be ...quite... a .... diva. I truly hate that word, but it best describes how Adeline can be. She is extremely particular in, well everything.
Man I do hate that word. But yea, Adeline thinks she is much older than she really is. She's been that way since she was a newborn. If she had the motor skills to get up and walk away, she would have 3 months ago.]

Her face was HILARIOUS.
The swing she was in was facing another baby in another swing with nursery room workers nearby changing diapers and entertaining other babies. She was looking around at these other babies and ladies, and if I could read her mind I am 98% positive she was thinking "I don't know you. This isn't my swing. Who's even been in this before? My mommy doesn't let me touch things i don't know where they've been. Where is my mommy anyway? I am truly bored and thinking about screaming. I don't know if that would be worth my energy though. This swing is an odd contraption. I am getting a little sleepy though. I won't dare close my eyes. Not here. I'll wait for my mommy, thanks."

I practically ran in there and scooper her up before she even knew what was going on.

Philip and I must have seemed like a bunch of retards in there looking her over and making sure she was well accounted for as we surveyed the environement she'd played in for the passed half hour.

The girl even told me "She was so good.", but I know my daughter, and I know that girl was being nice.


I even got home and went to change her diaper and found a label across the diaper saying "CHANGED".

I don't know why this all tickles me so much, but I think I am satisfied.

I don't mean to sound stuck up or above nurseries AT ALL, because I'm NOT!!
It was just our first experience, and it was one to document.

The day proves to have gotten even sweeter.
While my babies nap;
I bake my famous chocolate cookies, which I've added a little mint to today for something different.

So, I hope you enjoy your Sunday as much as I have/am.
Here's to church, naps, and chocolate cookies.

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