Tuesday, September 8, 2009

5 Ducks and a Kitchen Quest

I was able to get those done this weekend. I still have 6 pigs, 7 lions, 8 turtles, 9 lady bugs, and 10 fish to do though.
I'm taking a short break from it. Housework was suffering.

Speaking of housework, we were supposed to put a back splash up in our kitchen over the Labor Day weekend. Needless to say that did not happen. We'd spent the previous week trying to agree what to put. Philip wanted white and beige traventine tiles in a brick pattern. I however HATE the idea of brick inside. I know it's sort of in right now (or so my husband tells me), but I really think brick is for outside.
I was leaning toward something more colorful, with more of a punch.
I was thinking slate or colorful mosaic tiles.
I feel like while we were building we were so safe and clean and neat, and now I want to take some risks and have something in my house say "POW".
So this is my kitchen, I'd like any stalkers/readers out there to give me some ideas/opinions.
This picture was taken before I had any blinds on the windows, so its really bright. The color of the cabinets are actually a bit darker. They are mahogany, and the granite is black.

Philip and I were both willing to do each other's ideas, but neither one of us really loved the idea of not having both of us love the backsplash [got all that?]. So yea, tell me what you think because we're going to revisit this project in a couple of weeks when we can meet in the middle.

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  1. Love your counting book you are working on. The backsplash I personally think that colorful mosaic tiles looks the best. I have slate flooring in my kitchen right now and to be honest I love the way they look but they are a pain in a 1/2 to clean. Plus I think it would make your kitchen look really dark without giving it that pop like it seems like you want. Also, I have been seeing alot of people go with the subway tiles not sure if you like those are not but they are another idea to consider. Well just thought I would share my thoughts on your backsplash. Your kitchen is beautiful already so I think anything you do will be gorgeous.

  2. Thanks so much!

    Subway tiles? I'm not familiar with them, I'll have to look it up!

    Thanks for the ideas!!
    I really appreciate it!

  3. what about the tin-ceiling tile look??? Too shabby/old for your taste?

  4. I never thought about that. I think it would go good with my stainless steel. I'll have to run that one by the hub. Thanks!

  5. I don't think I'd want brick either with those dark cabinets. :) I like the idea of slate, mosaic, or the tin (!!).

    You have beautiful cabinets, and I am envious of your nice "bar"/counter area. :)

    Thank you so much for joining the party. I hope you'll be back next month! :)

  6. I was going to mention subway tiles, too. They have a great shine to them, and they come in lots of different colors. You have a very pretty kitchen already!

    Thanks for sharing!

    (visiting from Serenity Now)

  7. You have a beautiful kitchen...I like the idea for the tin tiles as well!

  8. thank you!!! I have some pictures of some tin tiles that I love, and I've even found some antique ones!
    Now we'll wait for the evening to see if my husband loves or hates it.
    *Cross fingers!*

  9. The tin actually comes in sheets at Lowes I have seen those to and thought about telling you but wasn't sure if that was something you were looking for. I think it would look great! Good luck on getting your husband to agree! LOL

  10. He didn't love the tin, but he doesn't hate it either. We're going to check it out.

  11. great kitchen. I like your slate idea, I think it would be perfect.

    Just tell him to trust you ;)

  12. your kitchen is really pretty. I have the travertine tiles as a backsplash in my kitchen.
    I think I have a picture here:
    Just wanted to give you a picture of what they look like - I have dark granite too - but I painted my cabinets a light color.
    The travertine is really natural in color and I really love it!

    Good luck!

  13. Thank you so much.
    Ana that is exactly what my husband wants, and I was picturing looking AWEFUL, but I'm going to be honest and say I LOVE it in your kitchen.
    I think I could even swing that in mine.
    Thanks everyone for some input.
    That's what I'm talkin' bout!