Friday, February 12, 2010

PreValentine's Day suprise.

It has been a pretty hectic day to say the least.
One thing after another and all non stop with my very demanding little sidekick who makes me want to cement her shoes to her feet so that she doesn't treat them as chew toys. --anyway....
You mommas know how difficult grocery shopping is with a little one/little ones.
This is why I usually bring Philip to share the embarrassment experience.
Today I really missed him.
The grocery shopping had to be done though... I held off until we used the last drop of milk.
So after a rough day of running the roads I came home to a nice surprise.

Yea these were sitting on my porch waiting to be tied tightly to some dancin' baby feet, buuut

these were sitting there too! 
I was kind of surprised seeing as Philip's been out of town working and Valentine's Day hasn't come yet, but I was so excited to open this up and see:

be still my heart!
Philip, me, and choco covered strawberries have a fiiiine history! ;)

How very sweet!

and I wasn't the only one excited to tear in to them!