Sunday, March 28, 2010

Old Clothes on a New Baby

So my mom brought over some of my old clothes from when I was a wee one.

#1. I love new clothes for baby. Infact, I have a problem with new clothes for baby, like I can't get enough.
It won't stop. I buy them, I make them, whatever. Love!
#2. I just love the sweet simplicity of the styles from back then.
Everything was so light and clean and sweet.
#3. How cool is it that my kid is wearing clothes that I did?

Now I was a little jealous that 23 years ago when my mom was like 23 she was a better seamstress for me than I am now for Adeline, BUT I can put that jealousy to rest and either try harder or just make her make me more clothes for the baby.

If she weren't always so busy, you know which I'd choose.

So here's some pictures of Addie in some of the cute 'vintage' clothes:
How cute is the back of this little romper.
AND ruffle butt?? Don't you know I love me some baby ruffle booty!???
and a sweet little bunny on the front? How appropriate!!
 This sweet little one is so precious with the coral and soft blue. It's untied at the sides by result of a wild toddler and the end of the day, but it's still so sweet.
How crisp and clean and cute does this sweet little romper look? I love the little flower on the chest, and you know I love the criss-cross back.

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