Saturday, April 24, 2010


Philip just started working offshore a couple of months ago.
He made a career switch from carpentry to the oil field.
This has been a huge adjustment in our family.

We went from seeing him daily-morning before work, and then evening after work and all weekend- to every two weeks.

It was a hard change in the beginning, since I tend to be sort of a wimp and I'd never spent a night without him.
I had to learn to do things like (gasp) take out the garbage and walk it to the road.
Oh and I have to walk the dog late at night before bed in the dark by myself.
(That was way to many adverbs and prepositional phrases, sorry.)
well I have to open the really hard jar lids by myself.

Okay the adjustment really was more so in just him being away and my being a little more lonely than usual.

People ask me how I like it and how I handle him being gone, and if we're going to be completely honest--
I like it.
-I have less laundry, dishes, and general mess to clean at the end of the day when he's gone.
-He's SO very sweet when he's missing me.
-I get to talk to him every morning and night usually on webcam or phone.

-LOVE letters/emails, duuuuh!!!
-If I don't feel like cooking, that's alright because Addie and I are easy to please. 
-and although I miss him like crazy at the end of the day (and at night), we get 2 whole weeks of him when he's in. (He works 14 and 14).

I love this part the best.
We get the BEST of him.
Morning-night 14 days.

As most of you know, there was a rig explosion on Tuesday night.
Philip wasn't on this rig, but he was on a rig 53 miles from it, and he and his coworkers watched the explosion and burning rig as it happened.

11 men went missing, and after 3 days of searching hope in finding these workers alive isn't likely.
I cannot imagine the agony their families are going through.

I continue to pray for those families all day and every night, and I just thank God that Philip is okay and safe and as of today HOME and sleeping in my bed!


  1. Awww. How sweet. I didn't realize Philip changed jobs. There are nice things to be found in every situation. The webcam reminds me of when Jacob was living in Oakland for 3 months.

  2. How did I not know what your husband does for a living? I guess I don't know what most of my blogger friends hubbys do.

    Well, the love letters and emails certainly are nice, aren't they?

    How scary though, about the explosion. I did see on the news about that, more than once. I bet it hit really close to home for you.

    BOOO to taking out the trash, by the way. I'm always afraid that when I open up the garbage can lid, the garbage monster is going to jump out and get me.

  3. Man, so glad he was not on that rig. My heart goes out to those families that lost loved ones.

    I think I would like the 14/14 schedule too. Maybe not with a new baby... but, when she's a little older. We did long distance 4 of the 8 years we've been together.


  4. Wow. I'm so glad he's okay! How scary. And I will be praying for those families as well.

    I haven't had to experience 2 weeks without Jon, but I do get the occasional 2-3 day training he has to go out of town for. And I totally agree...less dishes...less laundry...and cereal for dinner if we want!!

  5. That sounds like a big adjustment! But it looks like you are finding the positives!! = ) Good for you!

  6. That's pretty great that you get all of him for a two week stretch, but I'm sure you do miss him, even if the house stuff is easier with him gone. That explosion is pretty scary stuff. Praying that you never have to go through that.