Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bathless in Bed

This is how I like my child. Clean.
Fresh diaper, shirt with no food stains, shorts with no dirt on the butt, and the sweet aroma of baby bath wash.

It ain't always like that, I know.

but tonight....
my child fell asleep........

This was a struggle for  me.
I mean you can't go to bed without a bath, that's like a rule, right?
So she's in my arms--sleeping with chocolate chip cookie stains all over her shirt and nothing but a diaper and socks on.
I feel the diaper that I changed 20 minutes prior automatically assuming it's already wet.
Well I was totally planning on waking her up to change that diaper which meant she'd need a bath, but since it's dry, I could just put her in her jammies and gently place in her in the crib for an early sweet night of slumber.

but without a bath?

well she's already sleeping, so do I even want to wake her up to put pajamas on her?
probably not, right?
but her shirt has chocolate on it.

I need to wash the sheets tomorrow anyway....

Well this is a predicament.

Am I really just going to put her in her bed for the night with no bath--no jammies.

Ya'll I did it.
Uh huh.

Here she is
Poor thing, she's just laying in her bed where her mommy put her down with a dirty shirt and no bath.
I struggled with the decision of the whole no bath/dirty baby thing while I held her sleeping in my arms.
She was so peaceful, and so tired I mean she was out before 7.
So I couldn't wake her up.

So while I was temporarily satisfied that I had a whole extra hour to work on my kitchen spring cleaning, I've instead spent it going in and out of her room going back and forth between letting her sleep and waking her up for a bath.

What a waste, why am I so nuerotic?

I guess I'm maybe blogging this because I'd like you to tell me you put your baby in her/his crib dirty sometimes too.
But you probably don't.
I'm crazy.
Little gross too.

I wonder if she's going to wake up in the morning wondering why she's still wearing her clothes from the day before.

She's a baby though, so she probably won't wonder that.

I do understand if you think I'm crazy.


  1. trust me - she doesn't care! a bath in the morning is just as good as a bath at night!

    Mine just went to bed with hair still wet from the pool - no bath.

    She doesn't care either.....

  2. Ha! I am SO the same way!! But honestly, she is tuckered out because she had such an awesome fun-filled day. And thats what counts...not the bath. I'm a prisoner to our routine as well and I feel completly out of control if things don't go as planned. You are not a bad mom, social services never took anyone in for putting a child to bed with a dirty shirt! Honestly...I go to bed looking like her almost every night. Including the part about chocolate all over me. Ask Jon!

  3. Not going to lie, I've put M down a few times without a bath! Sometimes we get home from a fun day past his bed time, and he will be dead tired, so I just lay him down. For me, I don't want to keep a sleepy baby up! A bath in the morning is just as good! :)

  4. omg you're so funny, haha. and so adorable.