Saturday, May 8, 2010

Curiosity Photo Challenge

I'm always up for it, and here's Paper Mama's second photo challenge:

So the challenge is to find a photo of your child exemplifying curiosity.
I didn't even have to dig for this photo. 
It came to mind as soon as I read the challenge.

This was taken in October. Addie was 8 months old and very, very mobile.
As I was emptying the dryer, she was climbing in.
I'm not going to lie I let her, because I was so amused at how determined she was to get in the dryer. 
Once she did get in curiosity surely did overwhelm her. 
I'm imagining her thinking she was in a space ship or something because she was just amazed

Fortunately this was the last time my child climbed in the dryer. 


  1. She has a look like, "where am I?"

    This is so cute!

  2. So cute! She does look like a little space baby. It's funny how quickly curiosity can quickly turn into fear.

  3. The look on her face is priceless! Too funny!

  4. Your expression certainly looks curious! What a cutie.

  5. That is very cute! We have those same pjs, lol!