Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fav Things Thursday

What's up?
Welcome to Fav Things Thursday, where I want to share my favorite thing and check out what your favorite things are this week. 
Whatever, wherever or whoever it is  I wanna know! 

This week, my favorite thing is kind of quirky.
but that's me....

I am very, very compulsive about being the first one to
take the first spread of butter. 
Same goes for peanut butter.

I LOVE it!
Not the butters themselves, but I love that smooth manufactured texture being inturupted by the swipe of my butter knife. 
Is that weird?
I don't have to even ask you, because I know.
If I know Philip's opening up a new can of peanut butter I'll race to the kitchen for the first heavenly swipe of it. 
I'll even over use the butter we have to finish off a container just so that I can open up the new one.

Even more addicting for me.....
is cellphone/computer/electronic protective stickers. 

I can't help myself.
If I'm borrowing your computer or if I see that your cell phone has a protector on it,... all I have to do is run a corner under my finger nail and pull before you even know what I'm doing.
Slide it off nice and easy, and I loooove it! 
Rude, huh? haha

I once fought my sister to the floor to be the one to take the sticky protector plastic off of her brand new lap top. She was mad for an hour, but she got over it.
Ohhhhh  all in good I love it.

So uhhh... 
Post by post you may be getting to know me just a little bit better, hope that doesn't turn anyone away, haha.
If you have a favorite (weird or not) link up and let me see! 



  1. Oh this is too funny!
    I have to be the first to open the milk, I love the crack of the seal being broken when you twist the top off. And Jon and I have a "pizza draft" for pieces of pizza because I have to have first choice and I can't eat any with crusts. to say this weird stuff outloud!

    And Courtney...thank you for your thoughtful comments on Monday. I can't tell you how it helped my anxiety:) BBFF (bloggie best friends forever!)

  2. Oh I am the EXACT same way. So much so, that my husband will bring the peanut butter or smart balance out to me, so that I can peel off the seal and dig in. I love it, I love it, I love it!@

  3. Ugh, I love the protective seal on things! It's my older bro who wanted me to WAIT, of all things, to take off the sticker on my laptop last September. I tugged it off slow, as he watched. "Why are you doing that? You could protect it from fingerprints longer!"
    Well, buddy, fingerprints will come. ;)
    And hmmmmm....butter, we make ours in the winter, so there's no jar or tub with a pristine topping to mar to worry about.. :D

  4. So Donnie and I were just talking about this and he says I have too to name but about the butter i totally love to be the first one to swipe into it! HAHA! And I reallt love to preserve the center (which I call the Belly button..LOL)until it is no longer feesible... brings calmness to my world! I also really LOVE to eat goldfish crackers with cream cheese and i have to swipe the cream cheese in perfect circles or in straignt lines (so much so that I usually don't share my tub of crea cheese with anybody else...I usually have one for me and one for everybody else)! Come to think of it, i should do that with the butter too...LOL!