Friday, October 8, 2010

Fishy Pillows

I haven't even lifted a finger in those rooms I need to straighten out to get baby boy's nursery ready.
BUT I did do a little project for him during Adeline's nap time today. 
My inspiration:
I don't want to overpower the room with fish, but for the most part it'll be a little fishy theme. 
Daddy's a fisherman, and we do enjoy the hobby, so it's fitting. That and they're just cute!!
His walls are light blue, so I want to bring in some bright orange, yellow, gray and a touch of darker blue. 

Lucky for me I raided my scrap fabric collection and had just enough to make these little fishy pillows.
They didn't come out exactly how I imagined them, but I'm overall happy with them.
I wanted a stitchy, raggy, patchy look to them, and I guess it kinda made it there.

The little silver striped guy is my favorite, he's got a handsome little smile.
I had a lot of fun making these, and it reminded me of the soft blocks I made for Adeline. 
I added little ribbon tags for fins at the last minute for when he's teething later on, and I put the buttons on pretty tightly to avoid any getting lose during that time too. 
 I made a small, medium, and large, and I think they make a pretty cute little fishy family. 
It was a fun little project, and I can't wait to have some chubby, drooly, baby boy hands all over them!
The Girl Creative


  1. Your fishies are so cute!! I love the fabrics you chose and the little tags you added. I think those are really sweet. Great job!
    ~stopping by from Tatertos & Jello! :)

  2. Girlfriend. You could sell those on Etsy! So cute. Will you please come over and help me learn to sew? Or at least how to thread my machine?

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Nothing beats something made from the heart. They look great, and I love the colors you used! Bravo!

  4. aw! cute!! :) you're so clever!

  5. Love the colors, the design and the inspiration!

  6. Awww....very cute! I've been making owl pillows and think I'm ready for a change....thanks for sharing! My girls love to fish and would love these cute pillows!