Monday, November 15, 2010

Felt Crowns

I had too much last week playing with felt so I decided to take it out and start another project with it this weekend. 
I know a special little princess with a princess birthday next month, and I've picked out some perfect princess fabrics for her dress I plan to make as a gift. I jumped the gun a little and made her a princess crown matching the dress I didn't make yet. 
I decided just to do a simple, pale pink felt crown with bright pink felt rosettes. I liked it so much I decided to make my own little honey one:
I did Adeline's on blue felt with pink button flowers, and I can't decide which one I like more! 
These were easy and fun to make, and they stay on for rounds of dress up with the elastic sewn onto the back. I think they make an awesome Christmas gift for a little princess!
I feel like a better mom, now that I've provided Adeline and her imagination with something other than a basket to wear on her head ;)



  1. cute! (although the basket on the head is cute too) :)

  2. Super adorable. You have the best ideas. :D

  3. So cute! (Although we shouldn't understate the importance of basket wearing in the early years!)

  4. What a super cute idea! Both of my boys have birthdays coming up. I think maybe I'll make them King For a Day Crowns like this ... only minus the flowers ;)

  5. Love them! This is on my list of to do's for this week. I can't find any non-girlie crowns for my son.

  6. Too CUTE!!!
    Love, love, love them!

  7. LOOVE these! I bought my son a crown for his second birthday. He wears it EVERY day:)