Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fav Things Thursday

"A friendship which can cease to be was never genuine." - Saint Jerome
I've wrote and erased several different paragraphs elaborating on my relation to this quote. I'll just cut it short and say it hit home for me, and I choose to keep this one stored in my brain.

Anyway, today I'll share with you some of my favorite things from the week. Here ya go :) :

1. Christmas cards
See that? That's my Christmas card holder. At the beginning of December it starts off bare and blank. 
Then day by day it fills up with beautiful little smiling faces and bright cheery designs. 
December is my favorite mail month [minus the property tax, which I'm sometimes tempted to leave in the mail box].
I love racing out and opening a Merry Christmas wish, no matter who it's from. [Chase bank, I don't need anymore credit cards, but I appreciate the Holiday wishes]
2. These awesome gluten free peanut-butter chocolate chip cookies. Recipe here. 

I found this recipe last year and made it probably 10 times again. 
It's just such a yummy, easy recipe! 

3. This super comfy blanket/snuggy gift thing
Last Friday I was well enough to make it to our married bible study Christmas party. 
They did the gift swap thing, and I scored this blanket that converts into a snuggy.
Philip gave me a hard time about it since I've been giving him such a hard time about his camo snuggy that he practically lives in while home. Anyway, I've been loving my new throw blanket! The heater doesn't kick in until 68 degrees @ my house. YES I KNOW THAT'S COLD!!!
but I still puke daily, and when I get sick or nauseous I get really bad hot flashes, and the air being cold can sometimes help settle them down. So I enjoy the cold, and would rather wrap up in this cozy blanket and snuggle up with my baby rather than walk around in my underwear. Capiche?

4. Adeline's "lemme think about it" face
This is her newest/cutest development. If you ask her a question, she looks up to the sky, tilts her head, and taps her chin while she says "Hmm..."
My kid's cute. I know.

Got some favorites this week?


  1. ahh! i love the face! hehe... so cute!!

    68 degrees in my house would be a sauna! we live at 60 here! which can be pretty chilly... but if we turn it up much higher, we're both dying! we'll prob have to change that though when baby comes! your blanket looks cozy!!!

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  3. 1. Christmas cards are very rewarding in the mall and just seem to put you more into the spirit.

    2. Who doesn't love anything peanut butter and chocolate! They looks delicious!

    3. Your blanket/snuggie is adorable and looks super comfy! You think 68 is cold we keep our heater on 62. Family always complain when they come over! LOL

    4. I know I say it time and time again but Adeline is just plain adorable. It must be so fun seeing her grow up and learn new/cute/clever things. She's truly turing into a Mini-Courtney! PRECIOUS!

  4. aww! Adeline is so cute!!

    And mmm...peanut butter. I'm about to make fudge right now. Nope, nothing healthy about it. Haha! = )

  5. The head tilt, chin tap is so stinkin cute! Dont you love when they come out the blue with those little things? What a sweetie!

    Just found your blog, excited to follow!

  6. Mmmmm those cookies.
    :) I've read that friend quote before--so true..