Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day, 5K, and My hair

What's up ya'll?
I hope everyone had a warm and lovey Mother's Day weekend! I think I did!

We went to church and had lunch with Philip's aunt and her son since it was her birthday. 
Then we came home and all took a giant nap.
That was the best part! 
Then I dropped Philip off at the gym, and I went to visit my own mother.
[This is her holding Gideon, and that's my Grandma in the background.]

Besides Mother's Day, we did the 5K Run for Excellence Race on Saturday night. 
[I don't know why we don't take our pictures until after the race when we're all sweaty and red]
This was our 2nd race together, and we both beat our previous times. 
Philip made it in 35:02 and Dawn and I walked it in 52:something.
Philip made good time, but I'm a loser.

When we got there to get our shirts and our numbers they didn't have record of our registration. I sent in the application and a check a couple of weeks ago, so they let us run anyway. 
Well what sucked for Philip was that he actually made 3rd place over all for the walkers and for the men in his age group. He didn't get awarded though because they DQd him for not being registered, which we WERE. 
So he was kind of upset about that since they had our check and application, and he would have placed 3rd, but he was disqualified. 

I was happy to have even made it to the end without puking.
I was dumb and on the way there I read a Mother's Day book that my mother in law gave me as a gift when we dropped off the kids.
[I get carsick when I read in the car]. 
So I was nauseaus the entire time and really fought hard to not throw up.

I bet could have at least done 45 minutes though if I were feeling better, because I usually do a mile in 15 minutes at the gym.
Oh well. Luckily my friend Dawn walked it with me while Philip was racing for his DQ. My sister was there too, but she chose to walk 2 minutes ahead of us because I'm not cool or something like that.

My awesome friend Megan though, rocked the runners division and won 2nd place in her age division. She writes a great blog with a lot of her running achievements, and if you're looking for inspiration there, she sure makes you want to get up and run!

It sucks that I felt so sick too, because after the race they have a whole lot of yummy food that I didn't get to enjoy. Well.... I am on a diet after all so that was probably better. 

I do hate to run, but I want to get into better shape, so I have a long way to go. For now though I was pretty proud to have finished without getting sick.

In other news I think my hair has finally grown out.
I cut it all off [because my husband likes short hair] 2 years ago. The minute I cut it, I wanted my long locks back, and I didn't even realize my hair was really long again until Adeline took this picture of me on Friday.
[It's really cute, she's obsessed with cameras and anything that looks like a camera: She points it at you and says "SMIIIIIIIIIIIYAL PICHAAAA"]

So yea, now that I realize it's long now I've been trying to curl it, which falls and looks like this messy beachy wave, which is cool. Whatever, ya know?
I was pretty stoked because for Bible Study Friday night I actually made a lot of effort and didn't just tie it up.
No one really said anything, but when I came home and put my jammies on to get into bed, I caught myself in the mirror and almost didn't recognize myself because of my hair. 
So I think I did good, and I'm glad it's long again.
Hopefully I don't change my mind in a couple of months when Gideon will be pulling at it all the time.
It's when Addie started doing that 2 years ago when I chopped it off.

I feel like I'm rambling in this blog post.
You probably don't care about my hair, huh?
Another thing you might not care about is the DANG sugar aunts on my counters. Seriously can't get rid of those things. Any suggestions? I can't even let cookies cool for 20 minute without a whole army coming from out of no where for them. 
I kill and kill but I can't get rid of them.
That and hitch hikers in my yard. 
Not actual people, I'm talking about those porcipine ball things.
You know like a weed in the crab grass. I don't know the actual term for them.

Okay... now I am rambling. 
I'll bow out now.
Have a great night! :)


  1. i love your hair, dear! almost makes me miss my super-long locks too. :)

  2. HI! We've never met, although I really enjoy your blog...I hope that doesn't seem "Stockerish" LOL - anyway - I read that you are doing 5K runs...I did my 1st 5K last summer for the Susan Komen Run for the Cure here in KC on my 29th Birthday!! My mom and I actually ran the race together. I thought this website might be worth a look for you - it really helped us "train" for the race!
    We plan on doing the race again this year - I've re-started the training because I took off a couple months of actual running...and now I'm 18 weeks preggers with my 2nd little one!! Its a great program and it starts you out slow and really helps build up your stamina!! Good luck with your next 5K! Also, you have a beautiful family!!

  3. So proud of you with the run, although it's total bunk that they DQ'd you! Lame! Your hair looks FAB!! May I ask what brand curling iron you use? I find that Hot Tools works the best at holding a my opinion! But I love the beach wave. Pretty lady!

  4. Thanks Beka!

    and Sheila, it's nice to [virtually] meet you. :)

    Thanks so much for the site. My husband and I are starting to get into it, and while I hate to run, maybe I wouldn't hate it if I had some kind of training program like you suggested. Thank you so much and congratulations on your second little baby! God Bless, and thank you for such a kind comment!