Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Keb 4th of July

We had simple plans of a low key, go with the wind kind of 4th, and that's exactly what we did. 

We always pray that Philip's last day of the weekend will just crawl by so that we can soak up our last day with him home. 
Yesterday was an answered prayer because we made memories, laughed and giggled, and soaked up moments that just came and went. 

The morning started off with French toast.
I realized after I made breakfast, that I could have went with something less "French" and more American. Whatever though. 
After breakfast it was time to put on our red white and blue. 
My mom buys us Old Navy flag tees every year, so we were that matching family yesterday. We each were sporting our flag shirts, which Adeline was especially proud of.

 Philip BBQd some burgers on the grill, and my mom, brother, his girlfriend, and my sister came by to eat. It was kind of crazy around that time so I didn't get any pictures. 

Adeline went back and forth between swimming, and running around inside in her swimsuit begging for chips, iphones, and burping her baby doll.
Gideon took an awesome 3 hour nap, which normally I would catch up on house work during. 
I actually just spent most of that time on the couch with Philip while the kids' Paran, Matthew visited. 
oh yea and then I went to the gym for the second time that day. I had to make up for the burger and brownie I had for lunch. That's right.
 We went outside for some heat, bugs, and tee ball. 
We came inside for ice cream, coloring, and brother cuddles.
...which sister joined in on quickly. 
and of course we ended the day with a lot of fireworks and sparklers. My camera battery died after I took that last picture, and I was bummed because I wanted to get pictures of our big fireworks, but it was nice to hold Gideon and watch the babies enjoy the show! It was a great day and a great night!


  1. It looks like you guys had a great holiday!! Gideon is getting so big!

  2. haha.. "burping her baby doll"--that is TOO cute! and so jealous of a 3 hour nap! Eloise has yet to hit that mark!!